Gorgon mimic bug



i love this monster, but every time i try to use mimic it just stand there and i instantly lose because i cant do nothing!
please fix that bug


You need to submit all bugs to 2K. TRS no longer has the access or ability to fix bugs.


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I’m sorry, but TRS has no right over Evolve anymore, and it’s completely in 2K Games’ hands.
I’d recommend a visit to their support page. Here’s a link for you:



Unfortunately there is a very high chance that bug will never be fixed. It’s been there for over a year so they clearly didn’t care and it physically isn’t even possible to fix anyways.


Its fixed in Stage 2, its still borked for legacy. Like @CptBoomBoom said, its out of TRS’ hands now. You need to contact 2K support about the issue.


Sigh still gets me in the feels…especially seeing threads like these just take me back.


To this day it’s still there. This morning I played a game of Hunt and was so frustrated when it popped up. When the Gorgon freezes, you can’t do anything but melee in front of you. I quit the game, took the one minute penalty and tried for another game.
I got into a game of Hunt alright… the same game. :grin: Apparently, when the AI took over, it started whipping all kinds of ass. I just came in and finished the job. :sunglasses:
And I will submit the issue to 2K; which will result in nothing. I noticed that the bug happens if the Hunters destroy the mimic before it manually explodes or is allowed to run out of time.