Gorgon Masteries


Well Gorgon’s Masteries are the new Sunny. I just got to the 3rd tier Mastery where I am stopped dead in my tracks after reading:

#Trap 10 Hunters in a single round 40 times

Well bye Elite Gorgon. Hardly knew ya.

Farming 40 games of 10 would take so long it’s not even funny.


you can get multiple points per a game hope that helps


If it’s anything like Sunny’s Mastery then you cannot.


i got multiple points though i got nearly 4 points but missed it by 2(fooling around in solo)


Is she available already… Damn I thought I had to wait 12 more hours… Have to call in sick for work.


Officially it isnt supposed to be out so anyone having trouble needs to wait until tomorrow afternoon


Yeah noticed in Asian servers download wont start… US servers its starting…


I definately agree with you, it’s probably like slims old mastery and will change soon


wanna boost ? LOL. I did that to Slim challenge when he initially came out his mastery criteria was insane… this one looks ok to farm in solo it think if yyou make bots dumb and reduce game time to 5 mins


Its so easy tho…


Try that one against Crow, never gonna happen - good bye elite, i already tried and … denied.
I still do not even have lennox on elite, she has the same crap on her Jump ._. not even a single finisher done so far.


No duh it’s easy. It’s the fact it will take ridiculously long to do.


Not really. If I actually felt like playing such a trash monster I’d have it easily.


Why not go on solo and run around planting bugs.


Why the fuck can’t I buy this dumb beach yet


It’s not the requirement that is bad it is the amount of times you have to do it since you can’t get more than one per match.

@AlbinoGoliath Xbox that’s why.


the xboner needs to git gud then


Im dying of boredom here stuck with wraith


They gotta change these mysteries were it takes a certain number of games like sunny its 20 minimum for 2 masteries and now gorgon is 40 games ? I’ll wait until it is changed


Well, I’m done. Not even gonna try.