Gorgon Is The Most Fun Monster To Play As


When I was playing as :gorgon:
I always had fun as :gorgon:, nearly wrecking anyone not 4th or 5th tier.
Before I played the hell out of :gorgon:, :wraith: used to be my most played character, now :gorgon: is my most played character.


She’s a little too buggy for my taste.


Thumbs up for bad pun !



More Gorgon Lovers this is good, this is excellent

im still the Gorgon-Fan Girl #1 muhahaha :stuck_out_tongue:


ill never join the gorgon side I’m staying with the wraith/goliath/ kelder side


Gorgon has always been the most fun to play with in my opinion, which is why i main Gorgon. Her problem was just that against teams of silver elite and up it was very hard to win. Now its much more possible and im very happy for that!


I do believe that gorgon is the most fun to play as, but not the most fun to fight as.

I just like how it feels when more of the map can be utilized.


amen gorgon is fun. i can’t play wraith (cuz i suck) and refuse to play kraken, so the others i just love


No one asked you to join any side - but you’re still with 70% of all Evolve fans, constantly choosing the Goliath, just for an immediate kill in a Match. Especially with those new buffs.

Gorgon and Wraith at least require some player thought to get a success as. Krakens… why would you ever play as Kraken? Yes, it might be the Elder Kraken, but Kraken nonetheless. It’s still as broken as it was before the new update. I guess Kraken was just a mistake for all noob players to have their hands held.


This topic has nothing to do with success or what monster requires more skill to use.

"Gorgon is the most fun monster to play as."
That is the title.


I was questioning someone else’s statement. They never said anything about Gorgon being fun to play as either, they informed us what Monster they would continue to play.

You could ask me to revise my wording, if that would make you feel any better.


Can I just say this forum is very passive aggressive with all the :wink: and the :slight_smile:
Ive seen many people use them in their conversations to “discuss” things with people
Anyways back to topic
I agree gorgon is the most fun monster to play as! (In my opinion)
She’s like a ninja


but hes got like red lightning and stuff and can slap people and the death spiral is the best thing ever


Stay on topic please.