Gorgon is not who we thought it was


I dont think gorgon was the monster mentioned in the ajax attack or the monster that took down chapel colony or the monster that was said to make other monsters. Did TRS change their minds or are they saving these ideas for another monster?


What makes you think it isn’t Gorgon? :open_mouth:


I think ‘the monster that made other monsters’ was a reference to the host. Although, that has not been confirmed to be canon. :smile:


Well the hunters said this monster makes other monsters and I think laz said that it might have the ability to resurrect minions. I don’t see gorgon doing these kinds of things I think the developers are still working on another monster


Actually, the Host is canon. Unless you just meant the quote; in which case, it may also refer to where the eggs came from.

Which I’m going to assume is the Host.


I actually thought that the next monster was going to create minions from dead corpses and resurrect them. I’m not saying I’m dissapointed with gorgon I really like the look of her its just that i thought they were going to make a monster that makes zombies


Translation: “The Lazarus Device is ready!”


They have said they dont want any ai based monsters due to how easily they can be outplayed. So several of the older inbuilt teasers are not going to happen. Also why do you say it can’t be the Ajax or chapel colony monsters?


I just don’t believe that the gorgon could’ve taken down an entire colony.


Well… In gameplay no. But then again it don’t seem realistic that the monsters have overrun shear or factor with current balance.


Idk well see if it actually is the monster soon enough


Lazarus does not say a monster will, he’s saying that he fears one day the monsters will learn from his ability to resurrect. This particular conversation is not a subtle hint for future monsters, just an interesting theory that Lazarus cooks up that the monsters on Shear are learning from the Hunters.

Maggie states this. She says that on Factor there was a monster made of rocks (Behemoth) and a “monster that made other monsters.” We don’t know who that could be, but Gorgon does create her mimic, spawn little spiders to abduct prey, and has parasites crawling out of her body. This could be “making” monsters, but I believe her line probably doesn’t refer to Gorgon. It could be another monster in the Evolve universe that we have no idea exists.

As for the Ajax theory - Torvald tells Hank that none of the monsters on Shear are the ones who slew the Ajax. When Hank asks what the monster is like, Torvald says, “You will see,” or something similar to that. It’s still possible that Gorgon is his white whale; we’ll have to see on Tuesday. :wink:


Well if in non gameplay Gorgon could lay several spider traps, use acid to burn humans instantly, incapacitate humans by tying them up with webs, and using mimic to kill entire buildings of them, I could see it killing an entire colony.
But the monster that makes other monsters is Host, who is still on Factor (or on some other planet). And Laz was just talking about a possible monster. His theory about Kraken learning from markov, etc. Isn’t what actually happens. They know as much (or less) than we do.


Maggie merely said that she’s seen a monster make other monsters :stuck_out_tongue:

Nowhere did she say it was here or that it was Gorgon herself :wink:

Lazarus was also just theorizing about how much the monsters learn from hunters, and merely said that he fears the day they incorporate a method that was ‘learned from him’. He, too, never said he saw a monster do such. It was all speculation.

Likely the safest bet; we know so little about the Monsters themselves, anything is possible :wink:

It depends, to me. Was that colony equipped to deal with the threat she posed? Doubtful. Shear itself was equipped to fend off Pirates in orbit by the looks of it (And from Conversations between Val and Parnell on the subject), not Monsters. Who could have known of the trheat? How can you fight what you didn’t know was coming? (Bar Ebonstar… they’re up to some shady stuff they aren’t sharing with the rest of us! :stuck_out_tongue: )

For a bunch of colonists and a security detail who seem to only sport small-caliber weaponry, fighting off something that only gets stronger as it fights and feeds seems… well, the odds are slim, to me O.o


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I’m sorry! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I didn’t talk about Chapel Colony, though!


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Never know they may sneak in conversations regarding her during update. Would be interesting.


I think any of the monsters could have, single-handedly, if there weren’t experienced planet tamers there.


I’m pretty sure that Matthew confirmed that to be the Host. That was how we first found out that the Host was still considered canon to the Evolve universe.


Bragging about your hunters I see?

Jokes aside, yeah this is really true, the monsters are crazy powerful and crafty. I mean Even if the planet DID have 3 highly skilled planet tamers it’d still be at a disadvantage technically.