Gorgon in high level play


Is she vaible in compitetive/high level play?

  • Yes
  • No

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How is Gorgon now with the new update?

  • She is OP
  • She’s good but might need a nerf or two
  • She’s fine
  • She’s very slightly UP, all she needs are some slight buffs
  • She is UP

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What builds would you guys recommend?

Are there any footage of competitive gorgon players? If so could you send me a link of a video of them playing?

I will be posting some of my gorgon matchs I would really like to improve with her.

[spoiler]sorry for asking a lot of questions I don’t mean to be annoying[/Spoiler]


#Stage 1

  • 1 Spider Trap.
  • 1 Acid Spit
  • 1Web Snare

#Stage 2

  • 3 Spider Trap
  • 2 Web Snare
  • 1 Acid Spit

#Stage 3

  • 3 Spider Trap
  • 2 Web Snare
  • 2 Acid Spit
  • 2 Mimic


I usually do

Stage 1:
1 Spider Trap
1 Web Snare
1 Acid Spit

Stage 2:
2 Spider Trap
3 Web Snare
1 Acid Spit

Stage 3:
3 Spider Trap
3 Web Snare
3 Acid spit

Personally, I’m not a big fan of Mimic because of how easily it’s destroyed. The new update didn’t help at all because now Gorgon is punished more for using Mimic. Also, Web Snare is probably her most damaging ability which is why I max it out stage 2 rather than stage 3.


Stage 1

  • 1 Web
  • 1 Acid
  • 1 Mimik

Stage 2

  • 2 Web
  • 2 Acid
  • 1 Spider
  • 1 Mimik

Stage 3

  • 3 Web
  • 3 Acid
  • 1 Spider
  • 2 Mimik

Perk : Abilitys Cooldown

i really love Mimik at Stage 1 if he hunters drop i sit behind a Corner and hit them whit my Mimik and run away so fast i can just for troll :stuck_out_tongue:


Just posting so thread dosnt get closed.

I’ll try my best to get some gorgon gameplay today.

sorry for being late >.<


Stage One
1 in Web
1 in Spider
1 in Mimic

I like Mimic because it leaves tracks and you can use it to mislead Hunters whilst you sneak off in the opposite direction.

Stage Two

2 in Web
1 in Spider
3 in Mimic

I used to do:

3 in Spider
2 in Wed
1 in Acid

I took two points from spider and one from acid and put all 3 into Mimic just because of how underwhelming Acid feels right now. Even in longer matches I would only be getting 1-2K damage from it whereas with 3 points in Mimic I was getting 10-12K.

Stage 3
3 in Web
3 in Spider
3 in Mimic

I max everything out at stage 3 since I personally feel Acid isn’t worth putting points into. The buff to Mimic really helped this patch, it gives you a chance to use it in the open if the Assault isn’t around. I remember I caught @Deity_Pharaoh off guard with a point-blank Mimic and downed almost 3 people at once since Assault was out of line of sight and couldn’t damage Gorgon’s body enough to cancel the Mimic.


I had no idea. That’s cool. Will it throw off Daisy too?


I have no idea… it’s something I’ve been wanting to try but I haven’t got round to it yet :slight_smile:


video is uploading atm hopefully it won’t take long.


I want you guys to go all out at me, just point out every single thing you see >.<

@xDaRkNeZzChAoSX @Deity_Pharaoh


I like Mimic because it leaves tracks and you can use it to mislead Hunters whilst you sneak off in the opposite direction.

This is something I have to try
I would love to be able to use mimic while I’m hung from the ceiling, though, not only throw a spider and pounce :frowning:

Also, do any of you have any advice about how to effectively hung off walls, because this thing is buggy, or the amount of walls in which I can’t hung is insanely high.


Hope you don’t mind if i answer some of these for you.

You can also use acid spit and web snare :slightly_smiling:

So what you wanna do is put your cursor over the wall and hold the climb button, if a spider web pops up in your cross-hairs then it’s attachable. You’ll get the hang of it, just takes practice.

Should look like this. Do this to every wall you see, so you can know for future reference what you can and can not stick to.


This survey is flawed because almost none of these people are in high level play.


my only suggestion: see where you hide from parnell? and then he pops up out of nowhere like hey where’s the carrots?

i would’ve evolved there instead of trying to sneak. by the time he started shooting you would’ve had the armor from the s2 evolve. the dome was still on cooldown there, also.

you run a lot, too. as long as you have some armor, try and get those strikes in. disengage only to armor up and then get back in there!

but i play aggressively, so none of this may jive with your style.

just keep playing and experiment with what works for you!


That sneak attack was greatly timed. Just play the game smart. Gorgon is good at mitigating. When they domed you, you should’ve tried to mitigate and only attack if a good opportunity comes. Also damage is good, but you need to pick a target and react. Anyway we’ve all been there where we just can’t get away from the hunters.


So from what I understand:

As gorgon i don’t need full armour in order to engage?

My biggest issue with gorgon is that I ALWAYS have 2-3 bars of health after a stage 2 evolve which forces me to get to 3 I always try to ambush from a wall or a bush but I never seem to get strikes as gorgon.


hm…I don’t know that you need full armor with any monster to engage, necessarily, particularly the beefcakes like Goliath or Behemoth. full armor is nice insurance, though, and whenever you have it, engage, I say!

picking perks like feeding speed, armor regen, and even movement speed or stamina recharge can help you armor up faster so that you can frequently engage. be mindful of when the trapper can and can’t dome. sometimes the trapper will hold the dome when you force an engage; encourage a dome throw by pretending to flee.

as an experiment, try playing arena matches where you only roll with two maxed out skills. it will help you learn what the strengths and weaknesses are of her kit and how her skills intercommunicate.

as for getting strikes, the 9.0 TU is supposed to change the way gorgon works. she will revolve around stacking damage over time effects post-patch, I believe.

whatever strategies you develop may need to be modified in a few weeks. =\


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