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Just something i’ve been wondering about since Gorgon’s release and I apologise if it’s already been answered but why isn’t there any in-game dialogue from the hunters about Gorgon? Both on dropship and while hunting they never say anything about her almost making it seem like she doesn’t exist o.O Is this something that will be in a future update or not?

No one calls Gorgon by name except Kala

They do talk about Gorgon. Not in game but in drop ships.

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It’s not really much of a Gorgon topic though, is it? More of a dialogue related question.
The Monster subcategories are mostly gameplay topics and tips.

Anyway, if someone would have some examples of Gorgon dialogue from the dropship for me, I’d be grateful. I could swear they’ve had something to say about Gorgon but for the life of me I cannot recall any conversations about her.


I can recall one…

“I see the Gorgon!”

And that’s about it.


The conversation between Markov and Jack about facing the new monster w/ the legs of the spider with courage



I’ve never heard anybody say that XD


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Yeah, that’s the only Gorgon convo I know of too.


There is currently no dialogue unique to Gorgon besides that Markov-Jack dropship conversation. If they were to add it they would have to bring all the voice actors back in. Since that would be pricey, if Gorgon dialogue is ever added it won’t be until a major update with other new dialogue.

No one calls Gorgon by name except Kala

Correct. In fact, they wouldn’t talk about Behemoth if not for the fact that we did bring all the actors back at one point, after release, to record more dialog.

At that point, we didn’t know what Gorgon’s name was or exactly how her abilities would work. So no Gorgon VO.

More Dialogue
No one calls Gorgon by name except Kala

I can’t really recall any specific monster dialogue at all between hunters on dropship… Except markov and jack…It’s always pretty general, they discuss the “monsters” as a whole most of the time


It’s a limit of the combinatorics. Or, arguably, you could say it’s a limit of not having 10 writers on staff.

Let’s imagine you thought “Hey it would be nice if this drop the heroes talked about the monster they were fighting.” Ok.

But “this drop” means “whatever combination of heroes is currently on the dropship.” With the current “only 2 hunters per convo” that means something like 210 different convos (we have that part covered.) But now there’s 5 different monsters they can talk about, so that’s another 1,050 conversations. Just so whoever you’re playing this drop can talk about whatever monster they happen to be fighting this time.

Now, obviously, we can just write what we want. We could write one convo where Val and Jack talk about Behemoth. Done. Now there’s a convo where the hunters talk about the monster.

But that convo is going to play very, very rarely since A: it’s in the pot with all the other dropship convos between Val and Jack and whoever else is on the dropship and B: it will only play when they’re fighting Behemoth.

So with only one writer, I have to pick my battles and I have chosen not to cover that stuff because I think it’s bad bang-for-buck.

We could do the Mad-lib convo thing, where there is a generic “Monster Convo” that always plays exactly the same except where they get to the line about the monsters in which case the hero says “Yeah INSERT MONSTER HERE is a pain in the butt,” but in my experience that kind of conversation feels generic and content-free and doesn’t actually address the issue.

All that being said, if we get a chance to go back in the studio for more Evolve dialog, we may see all sorts of new convos. More (and better) battle chatter. Who knows?

That’s not be being coy, I literally don’t know. :smiley:

No one calls Gorgon by name except Kala