Gorgon in Arena


I would like this to be a small discussion about how gorgon does in arena and other, similar situations. Ex. Relay fight, or just during a hunt game.


I Guess she is doing alright I mean Arena is just a Dome fight on Stage 2

And Relay fights are pretty good if she has already taken down 1 or 2 Hunters.


So long as Gorgon has a near decent amount of strikes on the hunters, she will win a relay battle.


I find it very hard to win at Relay as Gorgon, I mean she’s designed for ambushes which is kinda hard to do at the Relays. So I normally find myself setting up multiple ambushes at stage 2 in order to get enough strikes and then going in for the final attack at stage 3. Where with any other monster I’ll just engage the hunters once at stage 2 if at all.


I’d love to see someone’s videos of Gorgon in Arena, to understand how to play her.
I even have trouble defeating bots, while with other monsters I wipe them in less than 3 minutes. :cry:


I don’t have a video, but earlier I was messing around and nearly lost every time with stage 3 full armor gorgon. ( difficulty was in monsters favor) edit:solo mode though


Defend with the Gorgon? LOVE IT! I normally get WRECKED as monster on defend…not with Gorgon!


It’s really easy to take down the turrets fast with her.


It is. 2 minons, spider trap, and a dangerous acid covered playing field=clean sweep.


I usually pick Behemoth for Defend and WRECK the place but I was surprised a how well Gorgon does in Defend.


for everybody who wants to train as monster especially gorgon.
what i did was:
singleplayer against bots, which hunter doesnt matter
infinite strikes, 15 secs revival and hunter fav. (this was hunt) and i won
you dont just run in to kill everybody you try tactics to get the victory.
its really different in comparison with pub matches.
well bots are dumb as shit thats the solution why its possible.
but it really helps to learn the monsters mechanic.
im really no good monster player but if i can make it with gorgon then everybody else can do this too.


like for every monster, but good comment.