Gorgon freezing


fix the fucking gorgon jesus chrost i quit for like 4 months because you cant take of your monsters came back and low and behold atill not taken cared of i literally just froze in 2 dofferent games using gorgons mimic couldnt move use abilities or traverse all i could do is meelee this is half the reason why you cant keep your player base.


Calm down, no one will listen if you just rant, they’ve said they’re waiting for this month or next to release the big update


lol they dont have to listen thats how theyvlost their player base in the first place. Gorgon is freezing i just had 2 game where i couldnt select the monster (no selection at all just defaulted to meteor) and people wonder why the playwr base is almpst non exsistent.


BEAF has pretty much said what I was about to say. People are much more likely to listen to you and acknowledge the points you are trying to make if you come across in a polite manner. I do understand you are frustrated, but saying ‘this is half the reason you can’t keep your player base’ isn’t exactly helping.

There are a lot of bug fixes coming in the big update BEAF mentioned and I think this one is included (if I remember correctly).

Again, your frustration is understandable, but please have patience. I know that’s easier said than done, but it’s not too long to wait now. :slight_smile:


Dude i have had the game sonce RELEASE saying please be patient is like telling me not to piss fot almost a year I have been patiwnt then i got fed up quit and came back and the same issues are still in the game. Whats worse is monsters are still getting 0 love from the devs.

As for taking me seriously, take me seriously or dont doesnt change the fact at all that the bug is there.


That’s fair enough then, but insulting the devs isn’t going to make things go quicker. As far as monsters getting 0 love from the devs, there’s a lot changing in this upcoming patch so I’d recommend reading up on it if you haven’t already. :slight_smile:

I agree with you that it doesn’t change whether the bug is there. It does however, change whether people are willing to read your post in the first place or not and respond in a civilised manner. :wink:


I’d just like to point out that raging and giving no info to TRS technically isn’t a bug report. So if you could give as much info as possible as to things such as…
-Events leading upto the bug

If at all possible. The more info the better, it helps the devs narrow it down a lot rather than a bunch of profanity.


[quote=“DarthRane, post:1, topic:87256”]
i literally just froze in 2 dofferent games using gorgons mimic couldnt move use abilities or traverse all i could do is meelee [/quote]
Information rifht there.


This bug is confirmed fixed in the next title update.

As has been said, ranting/raging while providing little info is not of any real use to anyone.

Please keep your posts constructive and within the forum guidelines.



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lol, "“dofferent”, “Hinters”, “meelee”…

a-ha…and we are supposed to take you seriously? Here"s a game you might enjoy better: https://www.angrybirds.com/games/angry-birds-friends/.

Don’t worry, it has its side of competition too, perhaps one that you might enjoy better (and is better for your mood).

Aside from that, I’ve seen you nothing but attack 1) the development team and other community members here, 2) anything but involve yourself into a meaningful and civilized discussion. If you continue this trend, that’s fine. But me (and perhaps others as well), will continue to flag your posts (for violation of forum rules) until you have learned the meaning of “reasoning with one another in a non-aggressive manner.” OR …


lol go ahead and flag them ill jist unflag them because as long as I’m not vulgar there’s nothing wrong with pointing out the facts.

And as already stated regarding the miss spellings im using a phone haha. Im not going to go back and fix the words for your sake. And considering ive won 3 spelling bee’s ill venture that i can spell better than the majority of individuals here. But by all means ignore the facts that i have addressed regarding the balancing because its much easier to divert than actually address what is said.

As for my contributions to the forum you are painfully mistaken and im willing to venture that you have seen MAYBE 3 of my posts



Devs can look at this or PM you if they need any info. We’ve gone severely off topic two times now.