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From your darkest nightmares to the surface of Shear, the Gorgon arrives on November 3rd:

Traversal: Web Slinging - Gorgon fires a web and slings herself across the map. This ability can be used to attach yourself to a wall to hide from danger or prepare for a sneak attack. The controls on this feel very nice and tight and once you get the hang of it is becomes a great way to travel. I feel that her stamina recharge is a bit lower than other monsters, but this could have been due to numerous reasons while playing. You can chain the traversal several times in a row horizontal and/or vertical. Sky Gorgon is funny to see.

Ability One: Acid Spit - Deals damage to Hunters and leaves a pool of toxic acid that damages anything that stands in it. This can coat walls, floors and ceilings. The damage over time doesn’t seem like it is affected by the ‘density’ of the acid pools.

Ability Two: Web Snare - Slows down Hunters and deals damage over time. The Hunter’s who are affected lose 50% of their jetpack thrust. Wildlife get snared and slower.

Ability Three: Mimic - Gorgon sends out a bright green, player controlled version of itself that can be detonated to deal massive damage to hunters. The Mimic has a health bar that depletes over time and when fired at. If the Health Bar runs out before manual detonation it does not explode. Shooting the Gorgon while its channeling this ability will cause the Mimic to dissipate and not explode.

Ability Four: Spider Trap - Gorgon fires a spider-like creature from her abdomen that will burrows into the ground for a couple seconds. Once burrowed it will jump out when a hunter (Wildlife & Daisy do not trigger this ability) comes with about 5-10 meters and chase them. The Spider can be destroyed and has a decent health pool. If caught it will swallow the Hunter and slowly do damage over time while digesting them. The Spider then randomly runs around but will stay within 40 meters of the original burrow location. The Hunter can be freed by killing the spider or after a set amount of time. The spider, while burrowed, can be killed, and pinged. (Though it isn’t visible unless you use Gobi who can see it underground)


Please keep this topic clean from discussions as this is primarily for information on the monster itself. For discussion please use this topic here:

These are just some reminders:

  • No active discussion of the monster here. Please use the above topic linked to do so.
  • If you have questions about how certain abilities work that were not explained during Evolve’s live stream today at 12 PM PST, please use my topic here, MaddCow has helped unveil the Gorgon at TRS HQ as I will be streaming on my own after their live cast to help test things out.
  • We will keep this up to date as information comes out. We know you are excited and so are we :slight_smile:



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I assume the rest of the OP will be filled in as we get new info?


That’s correct.


Most of her moves are straight out of the fan wishlist.

This is going to make me break down and buy the season 2 pass and finally start playing this game again after all these months.


That’s so true! I remember that the acid attack and the slow down ability was mentioned in here quite often! As always, you are awesome TRS!


Anyone know where i can re-watch the stream? i was semi watching it mute, while listening to a guest speaker for both evolve and maddcowqq twitch channels.


Go to their website and go to the community tab. When the twitch screen comes up press highlights. You can find the live stream there


I’m surprised there aren’t a bunch of “I told you so” threads about all the predictions folks got right. There sure was a lot. Wall hanging, web swinging, some kind of ai controlled minion. Surprised the smug folk haven’t come out to brag.


Gorgon looks perfect in every single way EXCEPT that fact that when she clings to walls there’s this giant mesh of webs. If she’s supposed to be super stealthy, why does she make this huge mansion out of webs when she clings to walls? Personally I would like it if these webs were removed or if they only became more visible depending on the amount of armor Gorgon has. But overall she looks like a great addition to Evolve’s monster roster and I can’t wait to start playing her next Tuesday!! XD


My only thought on the reason is that during testing, they found it too easy to overlook on walls without the webbing. So there was a fine line between meta and acceptable, and adding the webbing made it acceptable.

For me personally it adds a creepy factor. So that may have played a part as well. I don’t mind it either way, just happy she turned out as well as she did. I’m very excited to play this monster :smiley:


Yeah maybe the small ring of webs around it is fine but all those extra huge lines that stick out everywhere? If you’re clinging to a thin wall it’ll be visible from the other side and can really ruin the whole stealth part of this stealth monster.

But yeah she seems super balanced so I can’t wait to see what she’s really capable of!


People already know my “I told you so” is a silent one.


I think she’s perfect besides the fact that her spidertrap glows


Oh it glows for the hunters too? I thought it just glows when it’s deployed but then after a second or two blends in (for the hunters at least).


I don’t know it just makes it look unrealistic looking? thats my opinion anyway


Yeah I think t disappears like I said. But I agree, it seems like all her abilities are glowing and there’s so much going on.