Gorgon: for maniacs only


The longer I play her the more I am tempted to give up. Just to name a few pain points…

  • virtually two abilities only (+one for distraction only)
  • wall pounce bug
  • low damage monster
  • weak armor & health (it takes like 5…6 secs for Silver+ hunters to strip her armor)
    And last but not least…
  • on Leaderboards you can score losses only, wins not registring (bug, but lasting… and Kraken wins work fine ! … sooo temtping invitation…)


I feel like Gorgon is cool and awesome but she is just horrendously terrible. She essentially has two abilities, a terrible traversal, bad damage, not stealthy, etcetera.

I love her bit I hate her design. It’s just vast amounts of poor design choices IMO. Awesome in concept, poor in execution.


OK you’re exaggerating , she’s literally not that bad. She’s UP yes, but it’s not like you cant win a match as her.
That’s a contradiction, not sure how she can be “awesome” but “horrendously terrible”


Awesome in the visual sense, terrible in the balance sense.

No she’s not impossible to win with but she’s significantly less likely because of her design. A good Hunter team can make pudding of her.


So im a Maniac O.O


I’ve won against high silver teams with Gorgon, and I can tell you its basically impossible to win with her. I won because the assaults controller died, and another because they made some god awful mistake (my last win was months ago so I can’t remember). So the hunters need to screw up BIG TIME in order for her to win.

I can agree with everything but the traversals. They’re fantastic, tranqs aren’t even a thing when you’re floating & slinging.


Except when you fly straight up, horizontally and sometimes even backwards. She has all the worst aspects of Kraken and Goliath’s traversals in one.


Just bursted into laughter because I’ve flown backwards while slinging forward haha. That ones less common but flying straight up happens too much for my liking.

Okay so when her traversals are moving her forward I find them to be amazing. Way better than Goliaths IMO (minus LS and Charge)


“hehe, they’ll never expect this.”

~launches herself backwards~


Yeah i’ve fought more than enough val+hank to know that. The only medics Gorgon can really fight are in fact dots and low healing R val. laz, slim (still annoying), and Emet (he was right fully designed for) Add hank with them and Gorgon will have a chance none the less but val since she has the best single target healing cancels it out and I one time fought through hanks shield as Gorgon to try and get val

yeah denied since his shield recharged faster than I can lay out the damage and val heal bursts of course. One of the big reason I went back to kraken since yeah you have to hope they mess up and they won’t and if they do the window is so hopelessly small that you won’t supply enough damage during that time.


Or better yet! The two and a half foot range on her pounces! Its a shame when you can let a walking rock have more distance on a pounce than a spider.


Believe it or not I won those matches back when Val/Sunny was near unstoppable. Can’t tell you how, I was wasting my acid to get rid of the shield. Left me with web snare and an occasional spider trap. I just pulled some damage from thin air lol


Wasn’t that before acid spit got nerfed? (i beat the chase comp as well as Gorgon but i’m pretty sure it was before acid spit nerf) The comp was val+sunny+jack+torvald spider became mvp the worse fact was it was on orbital drill so I was salty that I won on that map vs the chase comp. Gorgon’s advantage is he somewhat negates jetpack boosters maximum distance (they can still use it just not get as far) but yeah was it before the acid spit nerf?


In fact it was before the acid spray nerf (I like to call it Anti-Reaver spray). But it’s not like its hard to outheal 2 abilities you know? That’s what’s so damn frustrating about Gorgon. Plus I think I was fighting Val/Sunny/Abe/Blitzkov on broken hill foundry. So I REALLY don’t know how I pulled out that win.


The Broken Hill Maps were the funnest when monsters truly got damage up as they staged up. Also the reason you were possibly able to win was due to the small compact map plus how Gorgon’s abilities work (not counting spider trap not gonna do it) Plus all the maps seemingly have been redesigned for Gorgon (its fairly obvious due to the new holes and Broken Hill mine is a great example) Close quarters with a creature that tortures it prey is/should be a death sentence but the problem i see is the drone so you got lucky.


Wow… I cannot imagine how did it happen that so challenging monster to play got nerfed one of her two (and only) essential skills :open_mouth: … hunters lobby has amazing influence…


We sadly can’t get a fix out for the pounce bug, but I think we might be able to bring Gorgon closer to the dev version with the next micropatch. We’re all much happier with how she is playing internally and I’ll make sure to talk with @LordDeath and @GentlemanSquirl about what we can do on Monday.


I’ve killed my fair share of Silver Master teams. Gorgon just plays very different from the other monsters, but practice makes perfect. I read that DoT Medics are the worst for her… But I strongly disagree. They can spread out their healing and if the team knows how to dodge, they’ll be near impossible to kill.

Vanilla Val, as much as she can be annoying with her tranqs… Can’t outheal the AoE damage if you place stuff around nicely. Make sure that Spider Trap lands in a favorable position; behind assault, behind support, etc. They do most of the damage, and the medic or trapper can’t kill the trap as readily as they can. Acid Spray literally requires one point, just so you can force them to move, and then hit them up with a web snare since their jetpack has been depleted.

Yes, Gorgon is trickier to master. Yes, the wall pounce glitch can be annoying at times. However I only find her impossible against teams the utilize impossible combinations of hunters; Val/Sunny/Abe/Parnell for instance or anything that entails a Wasteland Maggie. Gorgon has her weaknesses, but not because she is under-powered, it’s because the hunter combinations are too overpowered.


I thought someone on the team already said the wall pounce bug would get fixed in the next TU?

They changed the duration of the Acid Spray to make it less punishing on lower ranked matches. Decent players would already dodge out of the acid as soon as it hit the ground, making it deal far less than the maximum damage to begin with. Now Acid Spray will do as much damage to uncoordinated/new players, as it does to decent players.

I wouldn’t call this a nerf, but more of a balancing thing to assist the hunter players that are already at a big disadvantage.


Correct. The next update is a micropatch, and sadly that means we cannot use any code fixes since they are only data changes.