Gorgon, flying bug, mimic stuck bug


This was the most buggy game i’ve had as Gorgon… I didn’t play him often but this one took a cake…

And this was my reaction:


Yeah I hate that Mimic bug. I think this has been reported already, but there is no current way to gef out of the bug.


It’s fixed in TU9 at least!


I always thought the bug was caused by the mimic dying instantly or that it died during the camera switch. We only know that it will get fixed, why it happens is unsure.


Yeah you can’t really use Gorgon right now. You have to wait for the update…

It was so frustrating to watch this game cause when glitches happen that affect the match like that is just so annoying and it’s not your fault. I hope you did not lose too many points because of that stupid shit.