Gorgon fans - DO NOT READ IT!


OK, so this is my second return to Evolve and this time I decided to give a try to Gorgon (love it!). Was playing yesterday, crushing some nasty little humans :smiling_imp: when my son accidently appeared behind… He is hardcore pro of COD, 60+ kills per match etc, ignoring “other stupid games”. He is also, however, big fan and maniac of reptiles and spiders. Particularly big spiders - like birdeaters and tarantulas.


  • wow… you play spider! - he said
  • yeah - I replied - just bought new monster. Look how I am and killing these guys with poison acid.

    …he stopped and watched - first time ever - my evolve play…
  • no. this is not spider - suddenly he concluded - it’s an ant. Big ant.
  • what ???! - I choked… - this is spider! big horrifying spider!
  • no. spiders have eight legs. this one is having six legs. it’s an ant.
  • damn, what are you talking about ???..
  • big ANT. - he said, turned back and walked away …



So…the game had him at Spider but lost him at 6 legs VS 8?


Because ants shoot web and have little minions that do have eight legs? Ah I see.

It’s like the Skyrim dilemma where everyone complains about how the dragons are actually “wyverns” because they have only 4 limbs.
Err… Because they breathe fire and are called “dragons” by every NPC I’m gonna go ahead and still call them dragons.

Still though. Your son is a smart dude. Only a few more years until he talks you into letting him borrow your car.


It’s not a spider, nor an ant. It’s an other dimensional being that came to Shear for the soul purpose of destroying all Patterson technology, and every creature that gets in its way of doing so.


seems so, lol !
but any time he notices any of my favorite games I have mixed feelings: satisfaction because of his “appreciation” versus anxiety not to have to share my-PC-with-my-games with someone else :wink:


[quote=“Rick, post:3, topic:83639”]
It’s like the Skyrim dilemma where everyone complains about how the dragons are actually “wyverns” because they have only 4 limbs.
[/quote]I jokingly call them wyverns because the way they’ve been designed is the kind of design that I’ve seen attributed to wyverns far more than I have with dragons. I think the only other source of media that has done that (at least that I’m aware of) is the movie Reign of Fire.

Now, I say jokingly because I’m also very well aware of the fact that different artists will interpret fictitious things differently. So, to me, the idea that people get wound so tightly about these things is something of a joke, but I can see where they’re coming from to a degree.


haha, so true - actually this is just one year more and he can start doing it !..
but I am going to find big advantage in it => he will be driving daddy home when I like to drink a few glasses of wine on dinners somewhere outside :slight_smile:


wait a moment… what “minions that do have eight legs” ?
you mean these worms (larvae?) that walk out of and around of Gorgon’s body ?

BTW, what are these ?! her larvae ? some kind of parasite ? perhaps endosymbionts ! [Endosymbiont-wiki-link] …as apparently Gorgon is consuming them. Or … err… is she putting them back into her body and it just looks like eating ?.. phew… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I think he means the spider traps


I already said it guys… it’s a spiderpant!


well what can i say…spiders have 8 legs…


I did, but then I realized I’m an idiot as those little buggers only have 4.


I never really get a good look at the spider traps as I run away when I use them or I don’t look at them or I kill them fast


It’s not that spider like. If it were I’d dislike it. Gorgon doesn’t bother me.
I’d be more worried about a wandering spider sitting on my hand than I would staring at the Gorgon irl. ^.-


This topic again. Though Gorgon is not an animal of any kind, it is definitely not a spider.

  1. Spiders have 2 body segments, namely an abdomen and a cephalothorax, while insects have 3, a head, a thorax and an abdomen. Gorgon has 3 segments. Point insect.

  2. Spiders have 8 standard legs of varying lengths, while insects have 6 legs that take on various specialisations through a few species (for example mantis arms or grasshopper legs) Gorgon has 3 pairs of legs, each pair specialised for a different function. Point 2 insect.

  3. While spiders are well known for their webs, it is not an attribute limited to them. Google “embioptera”. Web snare is a tie.

  4. Spiders are born as tiny spiders, while insects are born as larvae. Gorgon has both. Tie.

  5. While neither spiders nor insects have vocal chordes, insects are better at making sounds through other means (the hissing cockroach, cicada, cricket, etc.) Gorgon has a roar. Point 3 to insects.

  6. The eyes, while gorgons eyes aren’t alligned like a spiders eyes, they are closer to spiderlike than the compound eyes of some insects, so point 1 to spiders.

  7. While some people see acid spit as a version of spider toxins, I prefer to compare it to a common housefly, since they actually eject their acids onto their food, while spiders have to inject them. Point 4 to insects.

  8. The “hair” on Gorgons legs is similar to a tarantula, or a housefly… Tie.

  9. Spiders have fangs that inject venom, while a lot of insects have compound mouth parts that can actually bite and eat, a mantis being a prime example. Gorgon also has a compound mouth, Point 5 to insects.

  10. I have no real 10th point, just wanted to make it round. Neither spiders nor insects have something similar to mimic, unless shedding counts. Gorgons traversal is also not really how real things move, but both jumping spiders and grasshoppers exist, so it would probably be a tie if I had to compare.

Gorgon is not an ant, but she is definitely a lot more insect than she is arachnid when looking at her actual anatomy.




hmm, so this is total 9:5 (including ties) in favor of insect
but still that “5” makes Gorgon quite spiderish for me!


I would never deny that gorgon is spiderish, but it makes me mad when people claim that gorgon is a spider and chastise those who see it as an ant. Around the time of gorgons release some users became straight up rude and called people who see it as an insect blind and stupid. That isnt acceptable at all


Let’s be real here:


  • Six legs.


  • Shoots webs.
  • Sticks to walls using webs.
  • Has Spider traps.
  • Has a form of acid used to breakdown (kill) it’s good.
  • Sheds its skin.
  • Can have two legs ripped off and left with six.
  • Originally called "Whip Spider"

Gorgon is MUCH more spider-like than ant-like. I hate this argument it is dumb, she’s clear as day inspired by a spider but in the end she is a Monster, spider-like but still a Monster.


an eight-legged predatory arachnid with an unsegmented body consisting of a fused head and thorax and a rounded abdomen. Spiders have fangs that inject poison into their prey, and most kinds spin webs in which to capture insects.
an object resembling a spider, especially one having numerous or prominent legs or radiating spokes.

Emphasis on number 2. Take from it what you will.

And another, in case you think that definition is bias.

noun spi·der \ˈspī-dər
Simple Definition of spider
Popularity: Bottom 30% of words
: a small creature that has eight legs and usually creates a web of sticky threads in which it catches insects for food

Full Definition of spider
: any of an order (Araneae syn. Araneida) of arachnids having the abdomen usually unsegmented and constricted at the base, chelicerae modified into poison fangs, and two or more pairs of abdominal spinnerets for spinning threads of silk for various uses (as in making cocoons for their eggs or webs to catch prey)
: a cast-iron frying pan originally made with short feet to stand among coals on the hearth
: any of various devices consisting of a frame or skeleton with radiating arms or members