Gorgon Evolving on Walls


I’m sure I’m not the only one who hoped that this could’ve happened.

Pretty simple suggestion, let Gorgon evolve on walls.

#But what about the poor pubs? D:

Le sigh, after Gorgon evolves on the walls, the weird black tar thing with maggots and unknown horrors, shivers, would drip down and make a weird tar waterfall (tarfall?) making it very noticeable.

Now you might say, oh but he’ll be hard to spot!


Gorgon’s already easy to spot when getting ready to wall pounce and whatnot, seeing how it is a giant spider like Monster, so I doubt a screaming evolving tarfalling Monster won’t be hard to spot.

Plus, I’d be badass. :gorgon:


The problem is that it wouldn’t be possible to code. You can’t Evolve near walls and if you are stuck to a wall…


I was about to say that there’d be a coding issue. Macman or ArPharazon said so I believe.


Welp, there goes my hopes and dreams.

Crusher of Dreams Jr. Or the second.


Correct. That being said, if Mimic could stick to walls :smiley:


That would be really useful. Epesically with the changes to Gorgon coming soon.


To be fair @MaddCow the whole wall thing is done so you don’t animate into the wall or something and get clipped when exiting the animation.

I don’t see how wall evolving couldn’t be possible.


Because it still would have clipping issues. Just because you aren’t on the ground doesn’t mean you couldn’t phase into terrain and fall through the world. It was mentioned before from one of the devs.


Of course that can still occur, hence why there’d be some restrictions. Just like there is now, flat ground and away from floors/ceilings.


How can you be away from a wall and cling to it? I thought that is what I said? That it can’t be coded the way the game is currently.


I said this would be epic and would imo only benefit the game without being overpowered. Its just the coding side of things.


When you’re on a wall, that would technically be considered the floor to you and the floor and ceiling are technically your walls.

Therefore, if Gorgon was to climb a wall/cling to it, she would have to be X distance from a ceiling or floor to Evolve as those are now considered her “walls”.


But when coding a floor always has to be a floor and a wall always be a wall. The amount of coding to have a wall turn into the ground would be a coding nightmare, hence the coding issue.


I don’t think you’re understanding me here. When you go to Evolve you have to be X distance from a wall or ledge, just because you’re on what is considered a floor doesn’t mean you can Evolve as you need space for the full cocoon.

The game doesn’t check “This is a wall and this is a cliff, you can’t evolve here.” the game does however check “You have this much space around you to Evolve but you need this much space.”

So say I’m fine on three sides but behind me is a wall, the game checks for open space and then goes “There’s not enough room for the cocoon entity/evolve animation” hence it brings up the “You cannot be next to a wall” message.

If you were on a wall the only coding they would need to make it work is instead of checking on a horizontal plane for how much room you have they just check on a vertical plane. It’s literally just enough code to rotate the animation, cocoon, and checking 90 degrees.

Devs have said that climbing works because the game doesn’t render what can and cannot be climbed. It instead renders levels of what is considered the ground or floor, if there is a floor above you then you can climb it and if not then it’s not a climbable surface. Clearly some of the coding in this aspect was changed to allow wall climbing so what’s so rash in saying that they can’t just code a 90 degree change to allow it.


If it were as simple as changing vertical gravity to horizontal, it would have been done. However, I imagine that she’s still registered as “level” when she’s on the wall, but the animation and her model change while being locked in place. Walls still register as walls, but they’re solid so she can lock movement.

Besides, climbing the way it’s coded relies on there being a start and end point to the animation. That really has nothing to do with her clinging, as it registers the “wall” as a solid object, regardless of the climbing requirements, so it’s completely different.

I’d love to see it, but it would not be simple in any sense of the word.


So as the crusher of dreams, I’m going to go ahead and say this probably will never happen.

It would take some big changes to how the evolving system detects where you can evolve and that terrifies me. :tara_erg:

It would be cool, but no.


Still a chance though? Eh? No? Ok…




Welp, it was worth a shot.

You may close the thread. <3