Gorgon changes/buffing


I heard that mimics health is getting increased but I would love to see, "being able to shoot the real gorgons body to destroy the decoy " to be done away with there have been countless times where the smallest damage has ended my mimic like a mammoth bird shock, other wildlife or even a downed hunters pistol I think getting rid of this aspect of mimic would make it much more viable in combat because right now mimic is almost useless at relay fights sorry for the complaints still think it’s a great game just an idea to make it better? Tell me your thoughts about this guys, do you agree?

Gorgon buff mimic

IMHO, that would only lessen the usefulness in combat. Or do you mean that the mimic is invulnerable, and you HAVE to shoot the body? Because in that case, it might be OP


Noticed that you’re new here, welcome.

Do you mean to say that they should remove the “shoot Gorgon to Cancel Mimic”? Because with the new changes Gorgon has to take more damage for the hunters to cancel the Mimic. The health of the mimic is kept the same.


I really think the hp increase isnt what’s needed. First of all, it won’t help the mimic at all against organized teams. Secondly, look at the ability when it comes to terrible randoms. All this is going to encourage is more sitting behind a pillar spamming a doppelganger and running afterwards. Those type of players do not need a buff to allow them to drag games out longer than they need to go.

So yes, i do agree with your idea that shooting the gorgon during mimic shouldn’t cancel it. But I disagree with the hp change. I really don’t see the problem of using mimic in direct combat if they make it so killing the mimic doesn’t cause it to damage you.

TL;DR. Unless mimic is changed so it can be used in more direct combat, it is always going to be more of an annoying ability than an effective one.


No you can already destroy the mimic by shooting it but you can also shoot the real gorgon which I think should taken out because on most relay fights there is nothing close enough to hide behind and they can easily shoot it from a distance


Ok depending on how much damaged to the real gorgon will destroy the mimic I think that could work


That sounds terrible! If hank drops an orbital on you or something and you don’t notice, the game won’t stop you from taking damage. Same with torvald mortars, hyde grenades, Parnell unloading on your head…

You’d certainly have a damage boost, you’d hit more mimics, but the potential cost is far too great. This would end up being a Gorgon nerf