Gorgon came out early?


I JUST REFRESHED MY GAME AND GORGON IS OUT ON ALL PLATFORMS!!! However Blitz Markov and Rogue Val won’t be out for a little more time.

Okay so I just put in my Evolve disk and it said evolve needed an update. Soooo I updated it and went to play a solo match and Gorgon is one of the choices! I know it’s supposed to come out tomorrow though, is this some kind of mistake??

Edit: I’m on my phone so I can’t upload a picture but this is legit.

*Edit 2: It won’t let me play as Gorgon. I can view her but it says she’s locked. I did purchase the Hunting Season 2 pass and when I went to “manage game” it wasn’t there. What’s going on???..


No, it’s just the patch being deployed early so everyone can d/l it early. It doesn’t look like their servers have unlocked the content for Gorgon etc…



So will it be available for me tomorrow? I live in New York so I heard it’s coming out sometime in the afternoon?


Supposedly 12 PM PST


Great that’s like 3pm for me. So much for waking up at the crack of dawn, installing, and playing all day. :sob:


No, not till tomorrow. @MaddCow, question is answered!!

Inb4 the close


Well if you play as Hunters would you be able to select to FIGHT the Gorgon?

Edit: If so play as Monster and see if you can fight Rouge Val and Blitz Markov!


I don’t think so. My guess is the patch will download and the server will use the old version until someone ‘flips the switch’ and everything is activated.


Well I’m hoping on right now and doing the update but… it’s kinda slow… like… freaky slow…


But… but, I’m playing as Gorgon right now…


I’m watching streams of people playing Gorgon right now. It’s out.


What the heck, how?!!??!?!


sprints to the xbox


Aye I just played a match as her (With Gold Skin, even)

PC here.


Divebombs into ps4


I need to get home.
Now ಠ_ಠ


I got 5 min left till i can play the update takes a little bit to download for me


The struggle of a college student :sob:


QUICK! Someone use the hype thrusters engaged gif!


Ye man. ENGAGED!