Gorgon Believe she can fly ( Funny Bug )


Kraken is not the only flying Monster in Evolve

its a pretty funny bug xD


Maybe she just wanted a hug? :smile:

I’m assuming your connection was ok?


This… this made me laugh so much, perfect song Dark :laughing:


It wa ok i wa fall trough the Map before this match so we restart it ( i was lucky lol ) and then next match this bug happend xD its awesome that we can remove bugs whit the ´´ Take a Break ´´ Feature


That’s true. We’d be pretty stuck without it. :smile:

It did make me laugh though. :laughing:


LOL, thanks for that laugh! The music got me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Silly Gorgon, flying’s for Karkens!

Makes me think of there being a space ship in space as a map…


Seems like a mix of behe rolling on air, and behe stuck in heavy melee animation.


While we’re on the topic of Gorgon bugs, is the bug where you teleport to where your mimic exploded known/being worked on?


Looks like same issue behemoth had ehen rolling off of cliffs lol


The real question is how the hell did that person get a strike so early on XD


Your outro always gets me XD


Did the hunters see that and think “What the flying fuck is going on?”

…Geddit? “FLYING fuck?” No? Anyone?


haha yeah that what i was thinking too would looks funny on the Hunter side xD


“It’s a bird!” “It’s a plane!” “No, it’s the fuck that I don’t give!”

~Gorgon Cena, 2015