Gorgon Armor?



Just ran into a Gorgon on a 10 win streak that had crazy damage resistance. I’m playing lv 32 lennox and on my fourth hits I was only doing around 207, slam was only doing around 410. That’s way less than what’d I’d do to a lv 3 meteor goliath. Any explanation?


You can get really high DR with perks. I have 23% and I don’t even have fully unlocked monster perks, or even the good damage resist ones.


DR can be crazy good right now, if stacked together. But they come with the cost of other combat or passive perks I guess. I know that the hunter ones are getting a slight nerf next tuesday.


Unbalanced perks ftw.


If you use maxed staged 1-2 DR perks you can get 20% reduction. 28% if you use all three stages if I recall correctly.

That’s a pretty big chunk of damage being knocked off. I play with Maxed Stage 1-2 DR, and maxed stage 3 ability cool-down (17%)

I’m currently 46/2 as Gorgon. That’s a 96% win rating, however 20 of those games are in Ranked.


So perks Are stackable? I’ve seen debate in game and on the forums whether they are or not. Got any official sources that confirms whether or not? Also on stats alone that’s pretty ridiculous, as a hunter what am I supposed to do to counter play that? Just carry damage perks? What if a meteor goliath brought that in there, I’d be doing even less.


96% win rate, that says too much.


I do not have the link, but I recently had the chance to ask a TRS developer during a game if the hunter health buff stacks. He confirmed it did, however it was only well out of combat.

If we take that response the DR buff also works the same.


Here is a Screenshot.
I certainly agree the Gorgon is in a very strong position, I’ve seen plenty of people lose horrendously. Keep in mind I’ve got a very large sum of time with the game. I know tons of veteran hunter groups who wipe the floor with me and players like @MaddCow can confirm are just insanely good at this game.


I’ll take your word for it, thanks for the tip. As far as veterancy goes I definitely have less time played but it shouldn’t require veteran level teamwork to take down low level gorgon players, especially in non ranked.


100% agree. But I’ve seen some pretty bad Gorgon players from all ranks/casual sessions. I’m sure TRS is tracking the overall data like they’ve done for over a year. So if the monster overall has outstanding win % overall they will tweak it.


Gorgon is strong if trapper is weak…harpoons will really be fatal to gorgon. He cant sustain dmg for long.