Gorgon and Mimic change

Ok, so I have an idea for mimic because it sucks right now. If you use mimic as is now you decrease your chances of winning; so lets fix that.

Here’s the idea- Gorgon should be able to use mimic while on a wall and the mimic will be the one to get highlighted from planet scanner. This meshes well with Gorgon’s spider trap (as annoying as that thing is…), her amazing traversal, makes people use map sense. Gorgon will re-become the ambush predator we feared and would want to challenge.

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Citation needed.

Pretty sure it already can, unless it’s been changed. Just not wall pounce.

pretty sure we were never able to mimic on a wall

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High level Gorgon players actually make great use of Mimic. It is essential to victory for Gorgon against stronger teams, as far as I know. Don’t quote me, though; I don’t play Gorgon.

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Mimic is a very potent skill when used efficiently.


No, it’s just you who don’t know how to use it properly…

But i like your suggestion tho

I actually find Mimic pretty useful, and it looks annoying to the hunters when playing as a Monster. Just hide around a corner and use it like the description says, a remote-control bomb. Pretty good when someone’s down. The cooldown is pretty quick, even without perks. Try not to use it in the open, though. Although it can be done if someone’s at point-blank range; the mimic will also act as a bullet sponge. I just hold off on Mimic until Stage 2, where I pour all three points into it. Not sure how effective it is at lower levels, but it works for me.
It’s the only ability the Gorgon can’t use while sticking to a wall, though. But I think that’s balanced.

@MaddCow can confirm that mimic is actually her most powerful skill in her kit.
Try to use mimic as soon as you use spider trap.
They will have to choose between the trap or the mimic so one of them will hit.


Being able to mimic while attached to a wall sounds a logical and great idea.

I don’t think trs is capable of coding it

I like the idea, my gorgon wins a lot, and I have little problems with her, if they were to turn mimic into something useful gorgon would become the perfect and most balanced monster in the game. Not extremely overpowered, no so easy to play as, not so hard either, not the lowest hp or def altho almost, and without useless skills.

Mimic is actually her most powerfull skill when used properly, just saying…

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Tbh mimic is just fine, frankly it’s what separates a good Gorgon from an average. Don’t worry I also thought mimic was useless but after practice you realize how important it is

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Idk what you’re talking about with mimic being good. I never take mimic. Radius too small, health too low, and doesn’t fit the play style of being a mobile assassin. It’s not worth shelling 3 points into it when I’d much rather have 3 in everything else.

If you watch the tournaments on Sundays you’ll see them shell three points into it at stage 2. Also combined with Gorgon’s traversal it makes a great hit and run/ambush tool within the dome

I don’t watch tournaments. I’d rather play than watch. What they do has no impact on my play whatsoever. mimic just isn’t consistent enough to take imo.

Mimic is consistent if used properly. I never thought it’s a bad ability but I remember that I used to think it’s not that great, that has changed really quick since I started playing Gorgon more often.

I think mimic is fine, I’d say that it’s rather Spidertrap that could need a slight rework.

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I was just suggesting to watch it because it can teach you some things or open your eyes to other possibilities. If mimic doesn’t fit your playstyle that’s fine, just know that it can be a useful ability

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Breezy approves of this message :+1: