Gorgon Ambush Giveaway! BearStream is the winner!


Heyo gamers and gamettes! Gorgon was just released and she is the queen of ambush tactics. Well you have some skill with traps? Cunning with pouncing from the dark? Well if you can pull off an impressive pounce in an online game, then you will earn yourself a free $20 gift card for the system you play on! Only 1 winner will be decided. Try to impress me with your wits :slight_smile:

Here’s how you enter:

Go online and record yourself ambushing some poor hunter and post it on this thread!

Here’s the format:

  1. System you play on (ex: Xbox, PS4, or PC)

  2. Video of your impressive ambushing skillz

Contest will end in 1 week on Nov 10th. Enter fast :smiley:

If you win, I’ll PM you the code for the card and you’ll be $20 richer and maybe you can pick up that sweet Wraith Tropical skin :3 I mean you seen that??? It’s sexy!!!

P.S. I’ll have more giveaways in the future so watch my channel on youtube for possible chances to win them. :slight_smile:


Yeah, my only BARELY decent ambush was on a bot. From like, a two foot high web. BUT I’M STILL GONNA WIN DIS THANG.


Does it have to be online game or solo games with bots counts too?


Dibs on first video!
I actually miss the pounce, but I was still pretty proud of the ambush. I’m on PS4.


Hey! Didn’t we just have a match together a couple of hours ago?


Actually, your name is actually pretty familiar. It’s definitely possible! Maybe you wound up in a video, haha


Hope so! Lol. You were a Hunter on my team, as far as I remember. You weren’t Monster like in the vid.


Oh, then no video for you. I’ve been trying to play as much Gorgon as possible.


I wish I could get her. Money is tight for me right now, and I mean tight as in counting every dollar. I am actually thinking of selling Evolve (KEEP READING) to get money for the Ultimate Edition. Then I can get all the DLC. Fighting her, I feel she’s slightly OP, with the cooldown on the Spider Trap being a bit too low. But otherwise I think the problem is just getting used to her.


I mean, if it’s cheaper to sell your copy than buy all the DLC when you already have the base game, I’d say it’s worth it. She’s super fun - as is the rest of T5 and T4, if you’re also lacking them. She’s definitely a more complex monster, so she’s gonna take getting used to. Once people are more comfortable against her, I think she’ll be a super fun monster to fight.


Yeah, she kind of is already. Though I still hear the screech of the Spider minion sometimes after a session. That thing grabbed me so many times… :dizzy_face: Getting the Ultimate Edition would certainly free me up to try different comps with whatever other players I’m with at the time… The times I got lucky enough to play Behemoth and Lennox were some of my favorite matches. But I’ll stop this now. I realize this is kind of off topic. :sweat_smile:


how do i post the videos?
I’m on PS4


She’s not. You just need to predict her movements and drop domes with no loops or caves. Then she can’t do shit


Press or hold the share button, then upload it to either YouTube or Facebook. Post the link to it here. You can also trim it to just get the good bits.


okay guess my youtube channel will soon have purpose.


Trying to get a good vid of me playing as Gorgon and ambushing.
Got a good sneak video but no ambush.
Got a good attempt at an ambush but failed.
And now there are too many monsters.


I had a nice and quick match. I do jump the hunters at the right time . Even if i didnt pounce from ceilinh i led them into a trap to decour them.

On pc.


You still wont be able to watch


watch what?>


Bots are fine. Be leary as they almost always know where you are.

They would like to see the best type of ambushes. Didnt mention againsy whom.