Gorgon Ambush Discussion & Appreciation Thread


I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE Gorgon, especially her ability to cling to walls and Hunter drop people for big damage. Some places can be quite restricted in where you can stick to, like the big pillar in Fusion Plant (the part I like to call Mammoth Alley), but there are also some places she can get up crazy high where the hunters are unlikely to see you and you can get some solid pounce damage, special credit to The Dam, the back half of Barracks, and both the Broken Hill maps.

Gorgon fans, what are your favourite spots and how do you like to set things up?


I rarely use that ability…
But every once in a while i like to wait for the hunters to come to me in a nice area where i am comfortable fighting them and try a pounce ;D

Also i think ppl who use the cling-to-wall in battle as their main attack suck…just had a match where the monster was caught at stage 1 and won because it just kept pouncing and when he downed 1, every hunter that tried to revive him got pounced too… (was a noob hunter team but still…)
So i try to make a nice entrance with that ability every once in a while but i hate it when ppl use it mid-combat so i dont do that…


Yeah i love this ability but i rarely use it because of this stupid pounce freeze bug :stuck_out_tongue:


My favorite ambush technique consists of me hanging on the wall and then pouncing on a vulnerable hunter. I continue to
tickle said hunter to death despite not doing any damage and having a shit ton of bullets being shot at me until I die.