Gorgon AI is Insane


Please tweak this bitch more, she is practically unbeatable with any kind of Hunter variation against her. Can you guys also lengthen the cooldown of her minion spawn? I’ve watched her spawn one spider after another with only about two seconds between ability recharge, that seems way too fast.


I know that’s what they call her in the trailer but in this thread is kinda acts as anger towards the monster :wink:


If you spawn another the first one will disappear


Right, but that is extremely unbalanced. There needs to be a decent cooldown, having one Hunter taken away and the Medic getting constantly pounced and incapped is irritating. Let me put it like this; I win almost every match against the other monsters, I haven’t been able to beat the Gorgon a single time.


She was to powerful before she was fixed this time too.

Web Snare slowed down Jetpack speed
Spider Trap held Hunters longer
Mimic was more damaging

Acid Spit is the same now I think


Before going F2P, she was challenging. Now, she makes me want to just quit because every match ends the exact same way: Gorgon zeroes in on the medic, assault gets whisked away by minion, medic gets killed, we are left without healing, she starts pouncing us.


Well that’s not true you still have Passive Healing :stuck_out_tongue:

If that ever happens well your support needs to step that game up, the shield burst recharges quickly and highly annoys most monster players. Also if it’s just the support and the trapper the support needs to run away while the trapper gets hit. Staying there with one person isn’t going to work


Keep in mind I’m talking about playing against the AI here, not other players.


Oh, then favor Hunters :stuck_out_tongue:


We never even get the Gorgon down to half health, every other monster at least takes good damage if it kills us. We just got the Kraken down to about 15% health before it killed me.


You need to get either your trapper your support or your assault to down those bugs whenever she pops them out.

oh you’re playing with bots… which character are you playing?


Various, I tend to play all characters.


Gorgon AI, seriously? How many human players on hunters side? I know it could be a little challenging if you are on your own with 3 AI hunters to play against Gorgon AI. However, with 3 other coordinated human hunters? I’m sure that the Gorgon AI can be easily taken down even if it’s stage3 with full armor, my team managed to kill a stage3 full armor gorgon AI last night. Our comp was Val, Bucket, Markov and Crow. Frankly speaking it’s pretty easy and we are just random people get together by the match system.


Was playing with bot Hunters.


The minion has a very low health pool, an experienced assault can always destroy it before it snatch any hunter.


Well whenever you’re not playing medic you need to kill those bugs. Cause they can lose you the fight if they grab the medic or support at a bad time. If you want to carry bot teammates you kinda need to play support or medic while switching off to trapper in between domes

If you have rval you can kill the spiders slim can do it too but he’ll be a bit closer