Gorgon AI bug with Griffin/harpons


Was playing on distillery, against a player who then left as gorgon. We managed to catch the gorgon stage 1 in the open space between two buildings, I believe the furthest east pair. After the dome came down, the Bot obviously tried to run. However, I was playing griffen, and every time I could I would harpoon the Gorgon. After a bit, we realized that the monster wasnt running away, and was instead running straight back towards us to try to run, which seemed odd. Finally, we determined that it what Griffin’s harpoon gun. Essentially, whenever the bot would try to break the harpoon, it would have to turn around and attack it. From there, the bot would run in that direction to flee, effectively back towards us hunters. We were able to recreate this continiously until the monster was dead. I dont remember my perks or hunters, but I believe my perks were Rocket Man, Rocket Lord, Rocket King/Reload Speed. I have not tried to recreate this in a custom however.


Meteor Goliath AI does this as well.