Gorgon Adaptation On Trello


I demand speculation.

Gorgon statistics? Dev feedback requested

Ooh, a Gorgon adaptation. Cool.

I’m also equally interested in the Supernova and Aftershock Refactors but that’s for another topic. :smiley:

Maybe it’ll be the Queen Gorgon?


So a bigger gorgon with unique skin and no armor? No thank you.


Not what I meant- take Queen Gorgon’s skin and tailor make the adaptation around the idea of it…Why would you assume that I meant to literally copypaste Queen Gorgon from Deepest Dark?


Because sadly, that’s what Queen Gorgon is right now :frowning:

You know what would be terrible though? Bee Queen Gorgon. With wings and flight.


Sorry but Gorgon is what got me playing monster. Saying I’m hype is an understatement.


Tbh I’m hoping it’s not QG and it’s something different and actually unique.


Quick question, what’s a refractor?


This is the by-the-book definition. I think it’s safe to say that in this case a refactor is just a fundamental change in design to the abilities, though.


What Everett said.

When devs (for evolve) talk about refactors they’re talking about major overhauls to an ability.

Decoy being reworked to no longer provide invisibility and stay with the wraith as a combat buddy? Refactor.

This is actually big news for kraken. This probably means aftershock is getting the same level of re working - and is going to be overhauled quite extensively.


Which is interesting, because they’ve seemed quite happy with AS for a while. No real changes to it for ages now unless I’ve missed something.


this makes me torn. i hope different people work on this and would otherwise be unemployed than on the real issues.


Don’t you’ll summon him. Too late I guess.


@10shredder00 Monsters don’t get stuff often, but with three adaptations planned, I’m pretty happy.


So DLC adaptations confirmed?


Three adaptations will make me excited when they move from “To-Do” to “Active” or more. I’m not getting my hopes up.



You’ll love this.


Me walking into this thread when I saw it.

Indeed I do love this… I shall see what I can come up with. :stuck_out_tongue:



Miley Gorgon adaptation confirm!


whats the actual url for the evolve trello board?