Gorgon Acid Spit Mastery


What am I doing wrong here? It’s taking me a disproportionately long time to earn this Mastery. I’ve completed Web Snare, almost finished Mimic, and am doing fine with Spider Trap, but for whatever reason I get less than 10 points a match for Acid Spit. What exactly triggers this mastery? I’ve elited all the other monsters, have to complete the set.

EDIT: Should mention I’m at 3 star mastery here, if that wasn’t obvious.


I’m not exactly sure. I just kept spamming acid spit and hoped for the best when farming.


What’s the mastery say you have to do?


It’s where you have to hit multiple hunters with Acid spit.


Are you hitting them with the actual projectile part of the vomit, or just having them ‘stand in it’. I believe you have to ‘spray’ 3+ per shot for it to count. If you are farming it solo try arena on the water map and just keep spraying in the tunnels between generators.


Gonna give this a shot, thanks.


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