Gorgon abilities I'd like to see

These are the abilities I want to see from the new monster, basically they all parallel a hunter ability. I really like the whole monsters are learning from the hunters idea so here’s some abilities I hope to see.

Web Trap: Maggie Harpoons. Basically a web version of the harpoon traps that maggie lays down. We’ve already kinda got Griffin Harpoons covered with abduct and tongue grab, it’d be neat to see this variant.

Poison Spit: Val Tranqs. Something that you could snipe with from long range that will behave exactly like a Val tranq. Cut their move speed down to a crawl unless they jetpack.

Acid Spike: Weak Points (Val/Laz/Torvald). Give the monster the ability to snipe a hunter and then deal double damage to a hunter for the next 30 seconds (or however long the normal weak point lasts).

Poison Cloud: Hyde Toxic Grenade. You really wouldn’t even have to change anything about it. Just keep everything the same.

Explosive Egg: Markov Mines. Let the monster drop explosives that will force the hunters to burn abilities to clear. Immune to normal attacks (or at least have a ton of HP) and deals huge damage.

Aggression: Parnell super soldier. Give it all the same buffs as super soldier: double move speed, cooldown reduction, damage bonus. Would also burn 20% of the armor (or health) to use.

Regenerate: Laz Glove. Heal all health damage that has been done to you recently.

Vampire: Slim leech. Regenerate health and armor by dealing damage.

Spore Cloud: Slim Spore Cloud. Throws crazy green particle effect all over the hunters screen and keeps the hud from showing the location of the monster or the hunters.

Traversal Boost: Sunny Jet Pack Boost. Monster gets +120% traversal speed and distance for the next 4 traversals, recharges at the same crazy rate that the jetpack booster does.

Peirce Shot: Crow Rifle, Cabot Railgun: Shoots through shields at long range, nothing you can do about it, but not have low health.

Force Field: Jack Repulsor. Makes the hunters unable to move any direction but directly away from the monster.

I know you only get to have 4 abilities, but it’d be nice to see some of the above things make it into the new monster or some of the variations.


The poison cloud, web trap and vampire seem brilliant and suited to what everyone suspects Gorgon to be, also poison spit

That would be interesting, it could have a health system much like this
With a permanent health loss and a regainable health regen.
The red is the permanent damage while the missing black pit is health you can regain. And the blue obviously being your current health.

I could see this in an evolve format.

I almost wish all monsters had this, its like an afterburner, it would be ideal for escaping and creating some distance.

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Not a fan of paralleling Hunter abilities. And some of those name… Well allow me to go through them.

Web Trap: Maggie Harpoons. Name is fine. Could work in game.

Poison Spit: This would seem underpowered as a Monster but over powered as the effected Hunter. 1 Hunter would be useless and feel useless. Completely nullified. Yet the team carries on as they were and the fight rages on.

Acid Spike: I don’t see how this can work. It wouldn’t work as a weak point and would cause horrible unbalance otherwise. Also, the name seems inconsistent with the looks of Monster. Where would it be fired from?

Poison Cloud: The only problem with this is that there is nothing compelling the Hunter to stay in the same spot.

Explosive Egg: Firstly… The name… And your description makes it seem OP. Huge damage? Undestroyable by normal means?

Aggression: Would be fine except… Super Nova? And the name doesn’t sound menacing enough for a Monster. What about ‘Fury’ or ‘Frenzy’?

Regenerate: This would cause unreal balancing issues. Would be horribly abused. And even if used properly it would give the Monster an unreal advantage.

Vampire: Also, seems OP, and is wildlife included? Go to one bar of health, hit a few Grubs and then you have the advantage. There should be no abilities that restore Monster health IMO. And the name doesn’t seem relevant to the Monster.

Spore Cloud: IMO, your best idea. There should be any vision impairing but it should be fine for it to remove all HUD except your weapon wheel and Hunter wheel.

Traversal Boost: Seems too OP. Extra speed and distance and the same recharge as the Jetpack? So essentially your giving the Monster 3 abilities and a really overpowered Traversal?

Pierce Shot: The problem with that is what if there is no Sunny or Hank? Then you have 1 person on the game that this does more to then a regular attack.

Force Field: A few problems with this; Gorgon is almost definitely going to be close range. And Hunters have guns. So they only thing you are doing by keeping them away is stopping you do damage. Secondly, how does a Monster create a Force Field? And then the name. Seems too unrelated.

Do not take any of this badly. Just my thoughts on your thoughts. If you think I’ve been unfair or misunderstood one of your ideas, feel free to say. I won’t be offended.

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No offense at all taken. I was really going through hunter abilities and thinking about how they would apply from the monsters standpoint.

Pretty sure all of the 5th monster abilities have been decided on for quite a while now. It just seems to me like most of the monsters abilities revolve heavily around damage and not so much about true crowd control. It might be nice to see more of that.

The thing with the mines is also that I was trying to pair what it feels like as a monster (not just the exact ability). Mines are annoying because to clear them takes an ability that I’d rather use on a hunter. So you mostly just dance around them instead.

While the Monster learning from Hunters concept is cool and all, I don’t like the idea of its abilities mimicking the Hunters. Maybe one ability but that’s it. I want to see creativity and uniqueness, not reused concepts. Just my two cents

Id like to see an egg laying ability

Make’s sense except Markov’s mines are usually fine as long as either:

  • You only hit one.
  • You have enough regenerate-able armor or
  • You have traversal to force the fight else-where.

The Hunters do not have these liberties with the ability you described. 1stly, Hunters don’t have armor, so that is direct health damage that the Medic has to heal. This means the Medic has a larger plate to eat. I know that all abilities are meant to do that but anything that explodes will have splash range. Splash range + massive damage seems too Monster favoured. And also, a Monster’s traversal (if used effectively) can force a fight elsewhere. Hunter Jetpacks are not as effective as this, so they would be forced to fight with a bomb in the dome, while a Monster can traverse away and force the dome away from the mines, that must be replanted, meanwhile the Assault is doing 0 damage.

See I agree with you in practice, but I think some of the things you’re stating are a bit off.

Armor damage to the monster is (in my mind) analogous to health damage to the hunter. You can get it back easy enough. Strikes equal health damage because you can’t get it back and it makes a difference to how much you can commit. Maybe it’s just me, but as a hunter if I haven’t done any health damage, I haven’t gained anything, as a monster if I haven’t put a strike on, I haven’t gained anything. They are obviously different and I do get what you mean about tying the medic up, I just feel like that would be the point.

It should be something that you have to dance around and be mindful of or sacrifice a significant portion of your health or damage output to clear. I wouldn’t want it to be some aftershock sized dome of pain, just the same size as the existing Markov mines and dealing maybe 300 damage (about 25%). That’s getting into numbers though, I automatically assume that there would be play testing and tweaking to get the exact numbers right. The assumption is that they tune the radius, hp, and damage so that hunters have a hard 3 way decision to make: dodge it, destroy it, or tank it.

I’d say that the hunters actually have a lot more options than that. If a monster is fighting in a place you don’t want him to fight, the hunters have mines/toxic grenades/orbital/mortars ect… all which would damage the eggs. In addition you have area control tools like the shield drone, spore cloud, harpoons traps, and general focus fire which force the monster to move. The hunters have a lot of area control options to counter with, which (to me at least) means you’d have to make the eggs more powerful to withstand or be a credible threat worth spending an ability point on.

Either way it’s just an idea. Theorizing about it is the only the fun we can have with it :slight_smile:

Monsters can get health back. Tyrant perk, Hunters can never get strikes removed outside of Evac or Custom.

Also, let’s have a look at what you suggested to counter the egg.
Mines: These wouldn’t work, because you’d have to get close to throw them down. BOOM
Toxic Grenades: These don’t do mass damage. They do medium damage consistently. This will destroy and egg probably slower than just shooting it.
Orbital: Yes, of course. But depriving a Hunter team of their Orbital is too much IMO.
Mortars: The most sensible option I can think of from any Hunter (or sentries if the Egg counts as a target) but what if you don’t take Torvald? You can’t know which Monster they will pick.

The Monster has more freedom than people often realize. Harpoons only temporarily stop the Monster from leaving an area in which the Hunters wish to fight. But they are easily broken. Shield Drones just take a quick smack. If a Monster really wants you to throw a Dome somewhere, a Spore Cloud will not scare it away. And if the Trapper just refuses to throw a dome then the Monster will engage anyway, and just has more room to move about. Of course, the Hunters are free to, but the Monster’s traversal is more effective than Jetpacks.

Hunters can get strikes back by Laz. Also the Drop ship negates any strike after the second. I don’t think you can honestly compare the availability of the Tyrant perk once per match for a minute maybe if it randomly spawns and you’re not playing comp, to the availability of having a medic with infinite ammo, always.

Laz cannot remove strikes, only prevent them. And what if Laz goes down? Guaranteed strike. And I don’t know what you mean with the drop ship thing.

These are interesting ideas but personally I prefer the monsters to be original and not based off of current in game content.