Google Fiber Expansion


This was more or less leaked earlier, but I guess I can finally talk to you guys about some new cities getting Google Fiber.

  • Charlotte NC
  • Durham-Raleigh NC
  • Atlanta GA
  • Nashville TN

I’m hoping to be moving out to the Durham NC area myself to help with the project :slight_smile:


Still in Canada.

Still waiting. :C


:’( Sorry. Not sure if/when we are leaving the states to visit our neighbors :frowning:


Someday, I will move somewhere with Google fiber, and I will die happy :slight_smile:


Pfft, who needs that when you have 256 kbps hah hah…hah…hah… ;_;


Gawd soooo ready for fibre and gods know when I’ll get the opportunity. Probably not till I move to Europe. :-/


Wishing we had Google fiber here in Las Vegas :weary:


Pheonix in AZ! But nothing in NV :frowning:


Can’t all the desert get love? We spend most of our time in doors on the internet to hide from the sun.


It is all everyone is talking about right now (Charlotte NC)


Fiber better come to Miami. They have no idea who they’re messing with.