Google Cardboard

So my dad just got a free google cardboard! wich ofcourse means i need to try it out :stuck_out_tongue: building the thing was an hassle… but once you find how its easy haha :stuck_out_tongue: so my question is!!! do you guys know any good VR apps for IOS? Taging @MaddCow for obvious reasons

What? Could you please explain yourself a bit more? all the info you need haha

So it’s kinda like…?

Yes… its weird…

You can buy one on Amazon for like 5 dollars or you can make one yourself for about the same price in supplies. I bought one and it’s a great, cheap look at what virtual reality goggles are going to be like.

Download the cosmic rollercoaster app it’s pretty cool

There is one called Sisters. It is like a 5 minute scary interactive room. Best used with headphones. There is a space Roller Coaster, a regular wooden roller coaster, the default Windy Day is also really good. There are also a few that make the world look different. I’ll tell you the names of all these on Monday when I can look at the ones we have at work.

Awesome :slight_smile: ill be happy to try them out!

I made a thread about this in off topic. It’s a wicked device, really cool with my iPhone. Check out dive city coaster

Just did with my iphone… made me sick felt like i was gonna throw up xD

That’s a good thing considering you are on a roller coaster :stuck_out_tongue: