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Hey guys, It’s 3:15 AM where I’m at and I should be sleeping. I’m not though because there was a possible intruder in my house earlier so I’m terrified sitting in my room with a knife trying to calm down. So of course I come to this loving community to calm my nerves, also I’m hella bored. So what’s up people?


What do you mean by possible intruder?


I’m with @MidnightRoses here… how is it a possible intruder?


As in do you think someone was there but aren’t sure or someone actually was there? I can offer advice. I’ve been there so many times.


Eh, I was home alone and a door opened and then slammed shut that lead to the outside world (terrifying I know). So I did the logical thing and ran upstairs. After waiting about 2 hours I got the courage to grab my kitchen knife and slowly walk back downstairs and search the entire house for an intruder with my 8" long knife in one hand and a phone with 911 dialed in in the other. This is about 2 hours after that, I found nothing but am still scared cause I’m a wimp. I just wanted to let someone know of the situation and try to talk with you amazing people.


Call the police anyways, let them check out the house, are you home alone


Just calm down. I’ve been in that situation before…I’m paranoid as hell. :stuck_out_tongue: Keep an ear out and be somewhat alert but just chill. Drink something.

Start moving from room to room slowly. You’ll reassure yourself that there is nobody in with you. You’ll calm down slowly.

…And keep the knife and phone with you, it helps.


Actually, nope. My sister said I was being paranoid and ignored me. I think the intruder might just be waiting for me to go to sleep, so I must remain vigilant and forum troll till day-break. Yet there’s nothing much to see right now on the forums so I made my own entertainment.


I got the knife beside me, and the phone. Also why have you been in this situation a lot?


You know what you need to do. Home Alone trap the crap outta your house.

Here is some music to get you in the mood:


I have had two actual intruders but for the most part I heard one bloody noise and I’m searching for a particle of dust that shouldn’t be there. :stuck_out_tongue:


Woah, what happened the actual 2 times? Did you shank a biatch?


Sneak to a good hiding place. Preferably a place where you can crouch. Then shout out as loud as you can “WHO THE F*CK DEARS ENTER THIS HOUSE UNANNOUNCED!” If possible intruder doesn’t leave and still sneaks around just wait patiently with your phone and kitchen knife (I’d prefer an aluminum baseball bat though ;)) If and when he is near your hiding place time it precisely and charge out tackling his kneecap from the side possibly dislodging it. If done right he will fall to the ground in agony and that’s when you clock him with the baseball bat :v: In your case use the phone to clock him, kitchen knife = last resort :smiley:

Hope it helped


I broke one or two bones.


@Raptor I confide in my .45 caliber. a knife is too easy to unarm if you’re untrained in its form


Eh. Not really. They teach you how to take a knife but in actual fact it’s very, very difficult and dangerous. The intensity of an attacker’s slashing is something unmatched in training of any kind.


But… I want a story! Please grandma, tell us the time that you kicked a robber’s ahem donkey.


I’d rather not, if it’s all the same to you. :slight_smile: It all worked out for me though, I’m sure you’ll be fine too.


but in the hands of someone untrained?


Sorry, I understand if it’s kinda traumatic. Apologies for the rather rude investigation.