Goodbye Gobi my Friend


Like if u cri evryteim…sneff

Share if you thought it was funny :smile:

Tell me what would make you sad IN Evolve (not about it)
Ex. Trapjaws, Daisy, Hunters, Monsters, Carnivorous Plants. (Heck even the OP Mammoth Birds lol)


Why are you saying goodbye to Gobi? :stuck_out_tongue:


He needed to be free…for the sake of being uuhhh…whatever he is. (lol) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I would find a female Gobi and mate gobis as a profession

Yeeeah Gobi lovin


I want to like this video so much, but the shameless self-promotion kills it for me.


Come on, don’t be harsh :cry:


I like the video, but something about that kind of stuff always makes things feel trashier to me.

Overall, @CarnageBringer, it was funny. Small nitpicky things are a pet peeve of mine :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve had the beams come out of the monster like that as Crow before. Server crashes with Behemoth can be no fun though.


I didn’t want to make it seem like a enforcement of self promotion. I just did it to do it. I have other videos on there in case others want to watch my other shiz that I’ve done. I’m sorry if I made you @RobertOfPotatoland feel some type of way but know that no matter what I type or say or put up I’m just suggesting not forcing.

If anything I’m really really glad you commented about it and thought it was funny that’s all I want to know and ask for when people watch my stuff. If they either like it hit like, if they just want to share then just share to spread the love, and if anyone wants they can just sub my channel to join my stupid times n such.


IKR (multiple times I play behemoth come back from losing for a win then freezes) :weary:


It’s fine I was just picking at small meaningless details. Still was a good video, though, :bucket_salute:


Still more heartbreaking than Bye Bye Butterfree.