Goodbye Evolve

So I’d like to point out that I actually made an account and everything just to post this, which is saying something because I never make accounts to post on the forums and stuff. Anyways, after playing this game since the beta, I can honestly say I no longer find enjoyment in it. Patch 5.0 ruined it. It sucks getting destroyed by stage 1 and 2 monsters all the time. It’s not that I’m terrible at this game because I before I used to do just fine. It’s also not because I don’t have a coordinated team because I play this game with friends all the time, we all have mics, we all know how to play our roles. It used to be we’d win some and we’d lose some. When we actually did lose a match, most of the time it was still fun because they were good matches. Now it’s just ridiculous, not even fun to play because we’re constantly getting rekt by stage 1 and 2 monsters since they’re so OP. It defeats the purpose of the game, we’re no longer hunters. I thought the point of monster was to be vulnerable at stage 1, have a fair chance at winning at stage 2, and be OP at stage 3. Now it’s just OP all the time. Even after buying the deluxe digital edition of this game and the 2nd season pass, I don’t think I’ll play this game anymore as long as this patch is active. It’s really disheartening because I loved playing this game and thought it had an original and interesting concept, but I don’t see a point in playing something I no longer really find fun anymore. I would honestly take back the Bucket buff, the ability to actually know if you’d be playing Hunter or Monster, Sunny’s shield drone buff, the dome activating quicker, and the Kraken nerf just to have Hunt 1.0 back. In fact I’d even take back the Wraith way back before it got hugely nerfed just to have old hunt back, because I’d rather have 1 OP monster than 4… Anyways, I wrote all this because I love the game that much, but sadly I don’t think I’ll be playing unless monsters are reverted back to how they were before this patch. This game has been ruined for casual players and even competitive. Most of the people that defend this update are monster players. It’s unbalanced and extremely monster favoured now :frowning:


Thanks for your opinion, we don’t leave “goodbye” threads open as they just generate negativity for the sake of negativity.