Good Wraith videos?


Does anyone here know of any good Wraith players that upload videos? I was watching “Geef” play on his channel for Behemoth, and he’s in the top 15 world-wide for behemoth. he’s quite good, and a lot can be learned from his videos:

I’m looking for some good wraith players/videos though, so if you know of any, please let me know!


@Geef Making a name for yourself, I see. :wink:


I can try to upload one to youtube if you want, what build are you looking for (warpblast + abduct?)


Anything really, I’m open to modifying my playstyle. I originally was doing really well with wraith, I had like a 4.1 win/lose ratio. Lately I’ve been getting my arse kicked. not sure what’s changed.



Thanks for the link. Video breaks at 19:30 but up to that point, good to watch how someone else uses decoy.


@Flying_Scorpion Totally flattered :smile:

Thank you.


Trying to :slight_smile: Gotta keep behemoth alive.


In my opinion I think abduct and smell range is the most efficient way to use wraith. Once I’m stage two I use smell to either find someone to far from the group or try to single out the highest priority in the game. If I get a down I back off maybe send a decoy and abduct whoever tries to get the revive. I try to build strikes that way. I usually go 2 and 3 wb and 2 decoy at stage 2. I like to play really hit and run.


Honestly, this is the worst wraith to me as a hunter. Aggressive wraiths are terrifying, but this will probably be the most reliable strategy to get used to using since it will likely not be affected by future possible wraith nerfs.

That said, I don’t encourage this type of gameplay. I don’t need another scary abduction wraith running around :’( Shame on you for giving hunters nightmares with your sexy but deadly pounce hugs! - Joke for anyone who doesn’t get bad comedy x-P This is actually a good strategy that I’ve seen used well many times. If you hunt the hunters then its a different ball game that most people aren’t used to.


Yeah I’m planning on learning how to be good with abduct. My old method was to be very aggressive with warp blast, and while rankin up, that was enough to decimate the hunter teams. Now that I’m closer to level 40c I still think that Warp blast is good, but the hunters spread out and position themselves much, much, better. And the medics are having an easy time healing through the damage for me.

Abduct just about the best tool wraith has where you can take the hunters out, one by one. That’s really the only way against a good group. Wraith just doesn’t have the health/armour to straight up brawl with the whole team.

I’m not sure where I’ll put the last 3 points. It’s tough to choose how to distribute them between decoy and supernova. I’ll probably put one into decoy and two into supernova.b


Warp blasting at its best


Warp Blast’s radius is getting reduced sometime soon. So its not going to be ‘as’ good. But the radius is kind of silly right now I suppose. But still just the same if you get hunters that grouped for some reason. You just won’t be able to hit the outskirt hunters like you can currently.


Any citation to prove this?


I just finished watching the video of that guy using 3 points into warp blast right away. There’s another video of Frenzy Gaming doing the same thing here:

Arctic Storm321 did a really good job wrecking the hunter team, but I saw one area that he can improve on: and that’s destroying the UAV. He got lucky the second time the UAV was in range of his warp blast, but the first time he saw it, he should have warp blasted directly towards it and then pressed the button to activate the ability mid-warp, in order to detonate the explosion while in range of the UAV. Both times he used warp blast, he used up the full movement range and shot right past the UAV. You can cause the detonation to happen at any moment prior to reaching the full length of the warp by pressing the button to use the ability again. You have more control over the ability this way.


I didn’t know that but that makes sense. Thanks ! Will try that !


wait wait wait, seriously? I will try to warp blast cancel tm! lol stay tuned for that video.


Yeah I just verified it in game. You can double tap the button to explode exactly where you stand.

Also worth noting - I was playing wraith against a really good team that used bucket. How do I know they were good? I went from 4.0 win/loss ratio to like 3.x by playing against them several times. I was suuuuuuper frustrated with their bucket because he had me on UAV constantly. I had no breathing room to get evolved. After the matches were over, I thought about it in the shower and realized that I should have launched the decoy as soon as I heard the UAV, and then looked up and took a moment to aim my warp blast on it. That would have allowed me to kill it, without risking myself getting tracked in the moments that I spend standing still and aiming at it.

All this being said, thanks for posting all these videos guys. Are there any videos of good Wraith players using abduction against a good pre-made team? I’m not sure if abduction is the way to go, but in my experience, wraith just doesn’t have enough armor to brawl with a pre-made team, and the only way I could see myself winning, even at stage 3 on the power relay, is by utilizing abduction. The problem I have, is that I try to abduct from outside of dome range and I just have a hell of a time getting it to actually pull the hunters out. I might practice a bunch against bots though, to get better at it.


kill bucket???
when he is uav its like a free strike :smiley: i love fighting bucket with wraith. make bucket scared to use his uav. thanks how you fight a bucket. also hide rather that destroying the uav, the wraith doesnt have any good tools for destroying the uav, if you do destroy it, it was just luck.


Lol you’re kidding right ? xD It would make sense for a Goliath or a Behemoth but a Wraith can easily destroy a UAV …