Good stage 1 builds for monsters


What stage one builds and perks do you guys use for all the monsters?


For Goliath I run 2 LS and 1 FB.

Kraken I run 1 BM, 1 Vortex, 1 Lightning

Behemoth I run 1 LB and 2 TG

Wraith I run 1 WB and 2 Abduction

Gorgon I run 1 AS, 1 ST, 1 WS.


Goliath - 2 LS, 1 FB
Kraken - 2 V, 1 LS
Wraith - 2 WB, 1 Decoy
Behemoth - 2 LB, 1 F
Gorgon - 2 AS, 1 ST


2 fire 1 leap
Meteor Goliath
2 fire 1 leap
1 LS 1BM 1V
2 WB 1 Abduction
2 Fissure 1 Tongue


3 star rock throw with damage perk helps me since I almost always get a hit



  • 2 in Fire Breath
  • 1 in Rock Throw
  • Damage Bonus

Meteor Goliath

  • 2 in Fire Breath
  • 1 in Leap Smash
  • Cooldown Reduction


  • 1 in Lightning Strike
  • 1 in Vortex
  • 1 in Banshee Mines
  • Cooldown Reduction


  • 3 in Warp Blast
  • Damage Bonus


  • 1 in Rock Wall
  • 1 in Tongue Grab
  • 1 in Fissure
  • Cooldown Reduction


  • 1 in Web Snare
  • 1 in Mimic
  • 1 in Spider Trap
  • Cooldown Reduction


You use mimic now?


Ever since Acid Spit got nerfed, yes. Even before it got nerfed I was only getting around 1-2K damage with it per round so I’d rather try and squeeze Mimic into my build now.


How’s that been working for you? I haven’t tried mimic since the buff.


Am I wrong in spreading my points? I always use 1FB, 1RT and 1LS for Goliath. :s Although I am starting to see the importance of using LS and is easier to hit Hunters with it on 3 points, then a RS and then FB following.


There is no real right or wrong. If it works for you it doesn’t matter what it is :slight_smile:


Not too bad, I just wish the radius was a little bigger with one point in it.

@flamand_quebec13 No right or wrong, just what works and what you find is effective.

Edit: Ninja’d by the cow :stuck_out_tongue:



Stage 1: 1 Warb, 2 Decoy (my personal build), can also take 2 Warb/1 Abduct or 2 Warb/1 Decoy

Stage 2: 3 Warb( very important!), 1 Abduct( no need to put more Points in it, you only gain more range and only a LITTLE bit more damage, not worth it.), 2 Decoy

Stage 3: Put your last 3 Points in Supernova. If hunters running out of the Field, sneak pounce them > keep melle him to get the full Damage

You can also take a agressive Stage 2 build: 3 Warb, 1 Abduct, 2 Supernova
Perk: DMG or CDR.

or more defensive and more “run to Stage 3 berfore fully engage build”: 3 Warb, 1 Abduct, 2 Decoy
Perk: Traversal recharge or my personal favorite: Movement Speed8moving really fast when used decoy while Cloaked, so you can pull of great ambushed/Jukes.


My preferences:

Goliath - 1, 1, 1 (not rock throw)
Kraken - 1, 1, 1 (not aftershock)
Gordon - 1, 1, 1 (not mimic)

And I’ve been using damage resistance for monster lately and really liking it.



-1 LS
-1 Fire Breath
-1 Charge
CDR if Meaty, Damage Bonus or Move speed if Regular.

-1 Spider Trap
-1 Acid Breath
-1 Web Snare
Traversal Bonus

That’s what I usually run and it works out pretty well for me. :smiley:


Goliath/Meteor Goliath : 1 rock, 1 fire, 1 leap smash
Behemoth : 1 tongue, 1 fissure, 1 wall
gorgon : 1 spider, 1 acid, 1 web snare

i think its important to spread points around evenly for stage 1 because if you get caught you are going to want that extra ability to mitigate damage and hopefully get a strike.

stage 2 is when i put two points into my preferable ability, and then the last point into the ability i didnt take stage 1.


Goliath: 2 Fire Breath, 1 Rockthrow
Meteor Goliath: Same as Vanilla
Kraken: 2 Banshee Mines, 1 Lightning Strike
Wraith: 3 Warp Blast
Behemoth: 2 Fissure, 1 Tongue Grap
Gorgon: 2 Acid Spit, 1 Spider Trap.


OG: 2FB 1LS Damage Reduction
MG: 1FB 1LS 1C Cooldown Reduction
Kraken: 1LS 2BM Cooldown Reduction
Wraith: 2A 1WB Armour Regeneration
Bob: 1LB 1F 1RW Movement Speed
Gorgon: 1AS 1WS 1ST Cooldown Reduction


2FB 1 charge
Damage bonus

1LV, 1BM, 1 vortex
Damage bonus

2 WB 1 decoy (might change to abduct)
Traversal regen

2RW 1 fissure
Traversal regen

2AS 1 ST
Damage bonus

I’m also down for suggestions, especially for Wraith.