Good players on ps4


2 words. f*** pugs

If anyone else feels the same add me on ps4. I’m pretty good i know what I’m doing, just tired of playing with randoms who do stupid stuff all the time. Would like to get some fun out the game. Preferably people with microphones please and thank you


add me hohoho479 ps4 got all monsters hunters lvl 40


Add me Epic_Elmer_ level 31


do u have a mic and dislike pc peasant players? and is willing to listen to good strategy?


yes, yes and as long as your not screaming it down my ear


Add me. p_googs

Level 33 all hunters, and have Caira, Abe, and Cabot at elite status. Working on Markov right now.


psn xSiR10iN


becker607. Mostly support. Have another guy I roll with. Both have pics.


Charlie_Tantrum here. Add me cause I as well am tired of fail pug groups. I have no preference as to which role, I play all fairly well


yea add me hohoho4479 lvl 40 all monsters/hunters have mic


Psn: i-emerge-i
I have a mic and can play everything,


psn ; spartan-duarte great trapper, even better kraken