Good old memories on the Forum


Did any1 remember this old thread ?

Welcome to the Future lol

A question about long forgotten Chappie Challenge
That forum moment when

I miss some of the old forum users. Things also seemed far more laidback back then too.


I guess Azmi is gone for ever : /


He’s a Mod over on the Evolve Reddit last I heard.
“The Moderator that Twerks” <----- no joke


Uhhhhhhhh. Uhhhhhhhh. No.


Makes sense lol

It was nice having that little bit weirdness in the forums though. Also when it says someone is suspended for that long that means they are banned correct?


Wait you’re serious? Well good for him hope he’s happy :slight_smile: then.


Yes it does.


Okay, thanks!

Just watch him survive those next 200 years haha!


oh the memories


But I’m still here guys, the @cybersquidarmy who wants to take over the forums.


Oh man… I remember August was the time where everybody was online. All the leaders, mods, regs… A lot of people left from there, and a lot of people joined.


Some creatures lurk in the shadows.



Good Memories OP…


But yeah… I miss the “Wraith OP” threads… they made me laugh because she wasn’t…

Now I cry when I see “Wraith OP” because it’s like “You want her beaten even further with the Nerf bat!?”

Still waiting on Patch 9.0 though. Don’t even care about the Decoy change, she just needs to not feel sluggish.


I remember I got super embarrassed when I said something that wasn’t true about the game and people found out XD

Ahhh people don’t know how it was like back when Evolve reached the 6 month mark on the forums…

######Which I guess is a good thing? Haha.


Also so many Regulars have fallen T_T


I didn’t join until the end of July last year. If there was anything special, either I wasn’t here at the time or I just didn’t know about.


Including me…

cri evrytm


It feels like you joined a lot longer before me but I only joined 9 days after you XD


Really? Wow. You’re way more popular than me though, so you have that. :stuck_out_tongue: