Good news monster players


for consoles :grin: ONLY,

pc will be the testing ground for the knock back effect,

i assume when they realize how big this nerf is on monster strings and combos, they might reconsider putting it on consoles, if enough backlash

soo for now i pray for our fellow PC monster players who are about to suffer a beating and the soon to be known god tier sunny, who will be able to stop all strings and combos with her jet boost

my sympathies :cry:

try to bear this pain and stay strong, evolve hopefully will still be good

PS: do not move this topic to niaccurshi 2.08/2.3.8 Patch discussion he/she worships you devs, and we need to have opinions that arnt biased, thnx


what are you talking about?


What big nerf to monsters? I read the patch notes, nothing seemed major. Stoked for Kraken fixes.


Pc is getting patched and they are basically putting a cool down on how long a player can be locked down (cornered) by .75 seconds go look it up :wink:



The knock back has been reduced to the point where a majority of the monster ability chains we have right now, will be obsolete.

This is OP is talking about.


thank you ^.^ for clearing that up, yeah… i’m kinda glad im on the ps4 fence,

although i am curious how bad monster damage will be >.> how much will it decrease by


They’re good changes, it will stop monsters from heavy spamming a hunter into a corner.


One extreme ass change I’m not looking forward to. Atleast the devs seemed open to global monster buffs depending on telemetry and player reaction. Have to live it to see it though so guess it’s time to dive into the breach.


It will be a pretty heavy change, burst damage will be way more difficult to do to counter Caira and Sunny will be raised up to God(scrub) Tier. A high number of ESL teams will likely be using Sunny as only only does she have an awesome shield, but she also has a GTGO button. XD


you already have shields, stopping the monster from downing him!!!


It wasn’t meant to counter spamming, it was used as a way to stop juggling and burst damage. Because some people can’t tell the difference and it was intended that hunters should be way stronger than the monster.


If I’m Goliath I can jump heavy spam a hunter in a corner as long as I have stamina, I tthink this change was needed .


I know what it was meant for, if you jump heavy spam as Goliath you can keep a hunter tumbling around in a corner for a while.


The description of the game should be,

Play as one of four classes of very powerful hunters as you bully. The lunch lady, The Asian kid with tentacles, Anna-rexia and the fat kid no one remembers their names. Who are about as dangerous as sack of kittens.


lol exactly,

again im sorry for the pc monster players,

right now biased ppl are gonna say its fine and needed, but i have a strong feeling this a huge nerf for monsters


You make a good point though, but i think once you are stage three you can keep some one pinned down long enough to burst them down. I just think they need to fix the monster movement now to help with the kiting.


It is meant to stop the ability chaining, if jump heavy spam is really doing that to hunters than that needs to be looked up.


Against good players the monster gets punished for cornering and concentrating on 1 hunter,

second do you know how hard it is for a monster to position a hunter into a corner in some stage 3 power relays, because right now the majority of the relays give hunters a huge advantage with positions and cliffs


It does, you can nullify wall climbing with it every time they try to climb.


I know it’s difficult but, there are times when a monster can just slap you around a corner away from your team and long enough to burst you down. I feel something needs to be done to bring the monsters power down considering they are winning 60% at lvl 40 and about 70% in ESL.