Good monster xbox one


i’m trying to find a good monster on XBOX1 !

im playing with my team now if you are ready give me your GT i invite U !!!



Hey my GT is Beniskool77 give me a message sometime.


I play now are you ready?


Sure give me a min


We are trying to find a monster for ESL and have fun!




Hit me up whenever! GT is xxiifathomiixx. The first and last i’s are caps


GT: Blesticles

Good luck :fist:


GT: RaggityMan

Hit me up if you’d like another monster to play against.


GT: NB Prophet 2


thanks for the GT guys i tell u when im playing if i need monster again


GT - Cpt Roncodpiece

Number 23 or so worldwide Goliath


i’m searching for EU gamer in order to play proving ground