Good Kraken Gameplay videos (post release and level 30+)?


Hi everyone,

Im searching for good players videos destroying hunters with Kraken.
They need to be post release, as changes were made from Alpha and Beta, and level 30+ 'cause I really saw a gap of skill around this level.

Before this level, I could use mine without much trouble, but then the hunters began understanding how to correctly play their roles and I got killed easily.
I think I need to watch some good players and understand their tactics.
Written tips won’t help me much sadly.

Thanks a lot for your answers and have a great day. :slight_smile:

NB: I experienced the same problem with Goliath and could play against many players who knew what they were doing (as Goliath is often picked as a monster), so I could learn from them.
Kraken is almost never picked (at level 30+ anyway), so I can’t see in game good players wreck my face. :frowning:


I can help you, but I need to upload Kraken play since I just hit level 30+ but the tactics I use still seem to work. This vid might help, but I would love to give you another one! Mostly its about abusing their jetpack refuel to dodge things THEN BAM drop your high damage skills! Mine is normally Aftershock