Good hunter teams look over here!


Hello all beautiful people out there! Any good hunter teams here on PS4 who are in… Whatever rank (rank does not matter, as long as you are a good and coordinated team) who wants to go for some customs against me as monster? No Krakens or anything, ONLY Goliath, I wanna practise with him against a good team, and I am not super good with him, so I am 95% sure that the games will be in your favour haha. And I do not care if I lose, all I want is some practise :slight_smile:

Anybody up for it today? PSN ID: AmandAvicii




Recategorizing to looking for groups, this will help you looking for players :wink:


Ninja’d. :wink:


Are you OK with coaching? I don’t necessarily have a team, but I was a rather good Goliath back in the day, so I could help going over tactics and what not.


Anything helps! When are you on? :slight_smile:


Sadly I won’t be on for the next few days due to work. Generally I’m on after 6:40pm C.T. every day but Friday.


OK! What’s ur ID?


S-hunty_1967. Send me a message and I’ll send you a friend request.


My team might be up for it. Not sure when though.


That would be great, I’ve played against you before and I really like your team, would be a lovely practice for me. The hunters can pick map and everything, there’s only one thing I’m asking for, any hunter you want but Slim. He is already a pain for my Kraken, and against my Goliath it would be more than gg for me lol


i would love to play but i didnt hv a full team xD


Would love to play, but don’t have a full team ATM. Anyone need a support/medic? I gotchu.


I want cross platforming so bad


Yeah same here


I’ll play with you some time :slight_smile:


Bump because I’m looking for people to play with on PS4.


I recognise your PSN, pretty sure I played against and/or with you when Kala got released. Not that I’m playing online right now, mind you. And at the time that was my first attempt at actually playig online seriously since 5.0 hit, so I probably sucked something fierce.

Though, if you’re still looking by the time 9.0 rolls around I’ll keep you in mind.


Me? My psn isn’t Daisy_Slayer haha and not even close. So not me, sorry. Haha


Nah, I was replying to EvolveUniverse. But for some reason it doesn’t seem to reflect that in my actual post. XD