Good Habit Suggestions!


So I often pug with hunters that display some bad habits and i’d like to stress a few good ones, I’d also like to hear what others would suggest as i like to keep these in mind while i hunt some wily monsters!

  1. Assaults- Make a habit of killing most big monsters. You can always do it in just one shield and it shouldn’t take more than 10 seconds to do. If a monster chooses to engage you while these are on the field, depending on what they are, they could do the extra damage to put you at downing range in just a move or two! God forbid it be a sloth with the damage buff, if you down that make it a point to defend it so the monster cannot have that edge against you.
  2. Buddy system!- Don’t leave your friends stranded or alone unless they have a plan, this one is so obvious but it is paramount in success. The buddy system is tried and true in life and it will help on shear just as well.
  3. Trappers- Don’t go too far off on your own, you can go out and catch the monster but if your team isn’t there then it’s a wasted effort. It’s wiser to catch up the monster and stay near them until your team catches up then attempt a dome rather than dome and put you one on one against the beast.


I’ve got a good habit for people use all FOUR of your abilities effectively how many cabots don’t dust tag, how many crows don’t slow lol


i really think one person in the party needs to follow the trapper at all time, i mean it’s his job to find the monster. If the trapper is too far out but he’s doing his job by locating the monster then the group should really think about trusting the trapper. I do think the buddy system is awesome, I’m usually the person to will follow the person who is venturing off alone so that he/she is not alone lol


No way, I will always solo dome a monster, Crow don’t cur, I got this bruh, MLG pro strats bruhhhhh


Medics: Prepare an escape plan, taking a minuet to look around and observe good areas to dodge around can reduce the panic you get when the monster get fed up with your healing shenanigans


For god’s sake, if you’re not sure where the monster is, FOLLOW DAISY! I’ve seen so many Maggies follow Daisy until they see the monster, then it runs around a corner or behind some cover, and Maggie just sprints after it and runs right past it while it tries to hide.


Kill every plant you see. Kill their families. Burn their houses to the ground.


Actually I feel like all of you always going in pairs is not a good idea when you have experienced players. For example, Cabot makes an amazing scout. He can go off on his own and with dust and the railcannon keep constant pressure on a Monster, driving him in to the Trapper, Assault and Medic. If push comes to shove you can just cloak and GTFO, and if you catch the Monster as he fights a Tyrant or a Sloth you can Amp him, do a tonne of damage, run the hell away and Railcannon snipe.

Same goes for Laz, actually, an EXTREMELY high value target. Send him out alone, he can keep the monster from eating and draw agro, then lure it back into your waiting invisible trapper.


I was talking pugs here, but those are some awesome tactics.


So was I, lol. Whenever I’m Cabot/Laz, on maps like Refueling Tower or Rendering Plant or Barracks I’ll get the Trapper to wait at the chokes and lure/flush him out. Works better with a team but really you only need a decent Trapper. :slight_smile:


As a Cabot main I must say that I have never thought of damage amping the monster while they fight dangerous wildlife. Definitely something I’ll have to try out at some point if the opportunity presents itself.


Yeah man, it’s bloody hilarious. Ever seen a Monster pick up a few bars of armor to kill an Albino Tyrant, and then Amp him as the Tyrant demolishes his ass? Glorious.


I dunno about that. Maybe on Wraith, but the other monsters at stage 2 have plenty of tools to easily dispatch bigger monsters in seconds. I know for sure Behemoth can’t take down damn near anything at stage 1 in less than 10. It seems like a risky move that puts you out there if the Monster actually knows what they’re doing. I wouldn’t call that a “Good” habit but more of a risky tactic.


But you’re a monster main what’re you doing doming your kind


I solo trap monsters just fine, at least with Maggie, just throw the dome and set up harpoons and done.


trappers, medics, and supports: only use your damaging weapon when everything else is recharging or already in effect. leave the damage to assault.


I’m taking another break from monster, Sunny is seriously killing the fun for me, In the meantime I got Witcher 3 to look forward to ^.^


Yeah may 19th you Evolve traitor


Yep, I hate it but eh, I’m tired of it all tbh. Oh well, still forums ^.^