Good Build for Meteor Goliath


Go Hunger, Insatiable Hunger, then Evolved Claws all Tier 3, eat fast, run faster, destroy at Stage 1!

Dump 2 points into either Leap Smash or Rock Throw to maximize damage output, and put 2 points into Dash to speed away when needed. For your next evolution, maximize whatever your first two choices were, then get whatever ability you’re missing other than Fire Breath, as you want as much damage as possible, and Fire Breath is AoE damage mostly.

Hoenstly, this build is pretty cool though it may seem unreliable at first being all over the place, simply target the medic, hit him a few times, use abilities and take everyone else out!

Haven’t lost a game since, on a seven game streak thus far,

but see you later! Hope this helped, off to play some more Evolve!


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