Good Assault/Trapper Looking For A Group On PS4


PSN: The1ManArmy0202

Hello I am Looking for a group on PS4 and i am only able to play on the weekends.


I find it ironic that your GT is The1ManArmy and yet you’re looking for teammates LOL

Also, welcome to the forums!

Here are some places you might be able to find some people to play with


hey add me, geniusbar99


Ohhhhh aboatman, you are teh bestest.


What class do you play?


You can add me PSN name: orion5704. I play support.


I read the title as Looking for Good Assault/Trapper and I got really excited as those are what I play (pretty decent if I do say so myself) and I ain’t got a team…


I play everything. SUPER STRONG Trapper and Assault


If you want me to add you guys i need your psn name. Just tell me if it is the same as your username


My PSN is meg_is_here12