Good Aliexpress mouse?


I can already feel my old mouse does not work well lucky for me in this game you do not need high accuracy it is made for consoles after all.Because mouses in my country cost 50$ for crap-tier I will order from ali-express along with microphone. Basically all mouses avaible here are from aliexpress just price tag is changed from 2$ to 40$ in the shop.

I’m gonna buy this microphone > Link

nothing too fancy but here is my current microphone I made it myself for about 30cents
Sound quality is surprisingly good but there is no noise-cancellation and I want to stream some tech-tips so I gotta upgrade a little.

Did you buy mouse on the aliexpress? If yes can you reccomend one?


I like the Logitech MX518 or G400 / G400s. Not sure how expensive that will be though. A cheaper option might be the Microsoft IE 3.0, it’s supposed to have a good sensor but I never tried it. Some of them on that site might be fake though.