Golliath rock throw, possibly OP?


Has anyone experienced a good rock throwing golliath? If so, then you know how devastating it is if it hits. Recently I have been testing a early rock throw s1 win as golliath by dumping 3 stars and damage perk with full Mastery’s. It seems like a direct hit on a hunter with no strikes goes for about 70% as one strike goes for 90% and a 2 strike would be an insta-kill regardless of health. Now I understand that for sone gollaiths, rock throw may be fairly difficult to aim which would give it a reason to have a high damage reward for the hit. But for fairly skilled golliath players can use the rock and follow up with any other ability bursting a target down faster then any other ability combination I know of for all monsters. (behemoth excluded) testing this method, I’ve been able to win 7/10 of my golliath matches with a s1 rank 3 rock throw. What do you guys think about the damage offered by the rock? Do you think its acceptable considering the difficulty of use factor? Do you think it could be another potential “OMG NERF” episode?


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Like you said, it’s a reward for people who take the time to play and practice Goliath. Plus, any skilled hunter will know how to evade them. It’s all skill with rewards.


Golis rock throw is his main damage dealer much like Lightning strike, Warp Blast, and Fissure. Trust me, S1 Kraken, 3 Lightning, messes some people up (if used right, otherwise you’re super ultra mega boned ;-:wink:


Not really.

The rock throw is high risk/high reward.

In order to hit consistently, the monster needs to hold it and wait for a hunter to use a boost (opening themselves for a rock)

Meanwhile, he stands there like a derp with his head all exposed.


I think the strongest thing about Rock Throw isn’t it’s damage, it’s its cooldown. For how much damage and knockback it puts out, it has a very short cooldown. That being said, good hunters can easily dodge it as it’s VERY easy to see coming and jet pack dodge. Plus as KingWut said, he stands there like a doofus while he’s aiming.


Can we say Orbital strike? :smiley:

Also I hate to think what Sunny can do to an aiming Goliath…



From what I’ve seen…

Sunny hurts, yeah… But what about Torvald and his mortars…?



I wonder how much a headshot mininuke would do… D=


Can it get headshot damage? Can the mortars get headshot damage? Time for some testing once I get back from class…

Sorry, off topic! D:


The hitbox on Rock Throw is certainly OP


Rock throw is a very awesome but challenging ability to use. It has a high damage, low cooldown strike that’s both easily dodgable with pvp ability.

Pro’s for hunters:

  1. Having any amount of jetpack fuel to dodge mitigates the rock throw entirely.
  2. Staying spread out reduces the chance that the goliath will use this ability due to it’s cooldown.
  3. Being in the air makes being hit by rocks almost impossible (from my own practice/perspective) as it doesn’t give you a recticle for hitting people in the air. Only it’s landing location.

Pro’s for Goliath:

  1. You can “fake out” a throw to make antsy hunters evade first… then hit them. It’s in the advanced goliath tutorial.
  2. It’s very powerful with a good aoe. Great for KD, Killing, and setting medic traps.

I personally think it’s very balanced. It’s no better/worse than lightning strike.


Goliath rock throw is probably requires the most skill out of all the monster attacks. I think it is perfectly balanced right now as it rewards those players with very good aiming skills. Also good hunters have plenty of time try to dodge it unless the goliath is literally right on top of them.


It’s hit box is ridiculous. If you dodge and the game still registers that the edge hit you, you still take FULL damage. You can get still get hit if you dodge behind something, and again, FULL damage.

They need to reduce the splash damage from it. Other than that, I don’t see a problem with the massive damage, as it takes skill.

Any of the abilities with damage buffs are OP, but that’s an issue with damage buff, not any specific ability by itself.


Besides the damage, which does around 50% of a Hunter’s health, there’s also a bug where sometimes you get hit with shrapnel but also take the damage from the Rock Throw that missed, doing double damage, e.g. a one-hit insta-kill. The way you take the same amount of damage from a near miss is a little… misguided to begin with (pretty sure it’s a shortcut), especially considering how damaging of an attack it is to begin with. There should definitely be appropriate damage fall-off for the secondary damage.

TBH it feels pretty cheap “hunting” a Monster who waits around corners with a rock and hits you for half of your health before you know you’re in a fight. If your Medic isn’t on point or is the one getting hit, well… it feels cheap to see people falling to a Stage 1 Monster with damage buff landing one Rock Throw and a melee attack. It’s a bit like the Abduction-Warp Blast-melee combo that can kill any Hunter if it connects, except that can only be done at Stage 2+. From what I’ve seen, a Goliath with maxed Rock Throw and damage buff is the only way a Stage 1 Monster can just armor up and wipe a team.


As a Goliath who loves RT more than any of her other moves…please don’t nerf it. :stuck_out_tongue: While it does absolutely crippling damage, it is slow, painfully obvious, can be easily dodged and leaves you stationairy for quite a while.

Being barrged while throwing as rock…ouch. :slight_smile:

Rock Throw will only ever hit a good Hunter if, like me, you use it at point blank range.

Absurdly satisfying.


STAHP IT! 10char


It is certainly powerful, but I don’t think it is overpowered.

It has a healthy warning wind-up time and is difficult to land on targets that are not nearby.

I like it as a somewhat hard to land heavy hitting ability with good combo potential.

Despite its power I prefer facing it over, say, rank 3 Flame Breath that is pretty much undodgable.

Its also fun to stand on a pillar and inaccurately hurl Rocks at Hunters trying to approach - like the old Donkey Kong game.


Yep, seen it. A Stage 1 Goliath hid in a cave and immediately killed our Trapper, who had full health (we had just started the hunt for Pete’s sake).

Yeah, the damage buff makes it obscene.

I’m sure that is satisfying, for you, LOL. Now that you mention point-blank range, I question whether that is OP. Yeah the wind-up is slower than other abilities but with a stunlock and a damage buff it’s pretty much a one-hit kill.

Now I think they need to reduce the splash AND make it to where you can’t do it that close to your own body, haha.


You can’t stunlock-rock ( :smiley: ) because with the long windup a hunter will escape. I always either back them into corners or get them as they climb.

I don’t think it’s OP- I’ve been against many excellent Goliaths using this move, and being the brunt of their force as a Medic, I think it’s easily avoided when you learn how to.

In the first few weeks of Alpha though… ;-;