Goliaths. What are your preferred stage one loadouts against effective hunter teams?



The time has come for us to begin theorycrafting for our engagements with the more skilled portion of our player base. In a game against effective hunter comps running MAST, evading your opponents through stage 1 is not always a possibility. Smarter players are likely to bush check with their weapons, read your escape routes, and generally give you hell while you’re just a poor little infant lizard-monkey. RNG birds can also neuter your ability to effectively play keep away in the early game, (and honestly they cause me to panic like a MOFO. FUN! :D)

What grouping of abilities are you finding to be the best for your potential early game engagements? How are you currently justfiying your stage one point expenditures?

Currently, I’m running 2 fire breath and 1 charge for early game CC and farming ability. Firebreath seems to be the most reliable method of killing the smaller varieties of wild life. I take 2 points in firebreath because firebreath with only one point is both too short ranged and too weak to be viable should I be caught out by the hunters. Firebreath is absolutely mandatory to take if Markov is even a possibility, (and he’s pretty much the only possibility when facing competitive hunters) because mines can ruin your day and making engagement with the hunters a NIGHTMARE.

One point is taken in charge for the ability to “carry” an opponent out of healer LoS and potentially end him before the fight gets too hot. It gives negligible traversal, but its better than walking if you’re snared, but I feel that it has more utility and reliability against skilled opponents. You can’t dodge a charge if Goliath is already beating on you in melee range.

Skilled hunters that have not chosen to prematurely burn their fuel will always dodge rockthrows, and rockthrow becomes a liability in enclosed environments such as caves or structures.

I’m on the fence about leapsmash as an early pick currently. It gives great traversal and farming speed, but its damage output, and the fact that it puts you on more mines than not against a good Markov make me question the early game utility of leap smash.

One last question. Which perks do you find to be the most important? Feeding speed can allow you to get much needed sustenance against opponents doggedly chasing you, but it has very little utility in a fight (except maybe against Laz). I take damage currently for the ability to inflict respectable damage should I be forced to fight, but I’m having mixed results, and I’m not sure how much benefit I’ve garnered from it.

TLDR; What are your ability choices and perk selection assuming you’re going up against GOOD competitive hunter squads.

The unofficial tips/strategy thread

Two flame breath, one charge. Flame helps me down three meats quickly, and charge is great for evading. At stage 2, I armor up and go hunting.

Perk is faster feeding.


i personally go with 1 fire 1 leap smash and 1 charge just so I have more cc at my disposal at level 1, as for perks its ussallly feeding speed although that cna change depending on the maps.


2 Fire breath, 1 Charge.
Movement Speed perk

Ability choices for stage one are purely for utility. No fighting should be done stage one. Fire breath is for farming groups of wild life and breaking deployables. Charge for the extra movement. Movement speed makes you go much quicker while sneaking meaning you can use it as your primary movement when not leaping.


Any idea what move speed caps at max level?

Agreed that no fighting should happen at stage one ideally unfortunately RNG can sometimes force an early engagement against skilled hunters.


which one was the MAST comp again?

I run 2 rock throw 1 charge. but im different so dont listen to me. level 1 knock back to mitigate damage to goliath is more important and i love rockthrow.


20%. Basically makes sneaking as fast as walking.


hm thats actually pretty good


You guys are nuts.

To start 2 Fire 1 Charge and the Cooldown perk.

Final would be 3 Fire , 1 Charge, 2 Leap , 3 Rock

Who cares about dodging when you take the player with you and you Leap, Rock and then light him/them on fire. GG.


Oh and depending how froggy I am… I might do 1 Fire, 1 Leap and 1 Charge at the start… just so I can have maximum mobility when cornered.


I use 2 charge and 1 flame breath. Its served me well in PUGs.


MAST is medic assault / support trapper 2 man groups for covering more ground and to flush monsters from cover towards the trapper.


I’m gonna have to hammer another nail into this coffin, but 2 into Fire Breath and either 1 into Charge or Leap Smash, and as for the perk Ill go with either Feeding Speed or Movement Speed, depending on the other teams choice in Hunters.


ohhh. thats easy if you can recognize the silloutes. look for the assault body and head towards him. fly by them. boom simple as that. besides vals tranqs there is no way for them to slow you. making them useless. they will be on your tail sure but were they doing that anyway? find a good spot to juke and sneak away :slight_smile:


I go 2 Charge and 1 Flame Breath. I haven’t really tried many combinations of starting abilities so will give some suggested ones a go.


2 charge 1 leap smash. Mobility options are the best, I dont waste points with fire breath, although i do see some utility with the ability, charge +leap smash +rock throw can kill 2-1 strike hunters, which since I perfer to fight at stage 2, there are alot of.


I’m big into two fire breath one charge. And taking increased feeding speed.


2 Fire breath, 1 Leap smash.
I grab the reduced damage perk


I highly value rock throw as a damage ability. Prior to today I always ran 2 rockthrow sometimes even 3, but I realized that good hunters were easily mitigating my damage with good dodges and terrain usage. I feel that rockthrow as a stage one choice is highly risky and it doesn’t offer enough of the much needed utility at this stage.

That said 3 points in one ability also mitigates too much utility. I don’t think anyone would debate this. Can’t abandon firebreath but 3 point firebreath isn’t strong enough early game.

1-1-1 seems to offer such pitiful damage that you can easily be healed through no matter how efficient your ability cycle is. Not to mention you -have- to take firebreath and firebreath is nigh on worthless with one point. The extra utility doesn’t seem to be worth the lack of damage.

That seems to lead us to the inevitable 2-1 point split. Is 2 firebreath 1 charge/leapsmash the only true early game viable build?


well considering you respect their damage and skill level. your playing keep away. king of the hill is the best way. they have no jetpack after scaling the wall. u can charge or rock throw at that point and just wait it out. u can also hide behind stuff and poke out and throw those. sometimes you can land a few and someone will be low enough to go in and kill them.