Goliath's too powerful


I know this is gonna cause some backlash and guys I take your opinion and respect it but Goliath needs a nerf. It’s to fucking powerful and to fast. It can clear the map in seconds. Markovs lightning gun does no damage to it what so ever. I knows it primarily a melee ground monster, but come on. Way to strong. It’s the only monster that nobody complains about. Yes you may all say because he’s perfect but I don’t think he is. Leap smash is a joke


I wonder why.


Markov’s lightning gun doesn’t do any damage in the first place. I won’t give you an earfull about your opinion on goliath because everyone else will.


I’m sorry but if you get beat by a Goliath, I feel that you just got beat, no trickery or foul play involved.


Umm… No thanks bud.



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Behemoth is stronger.

Wraith is faster.

Kraken is able to do it faster.


And the hunter babies report my comment to hell and back

Typical. They can’t handle the truth.

And they’ll do it again.

Sick of this hand-holding

@macman Shut it down.


^ This ^
However I don’t agree that every monster is trash, I can pull out a win with any of the monsters… except Behemoth because I suck at playing him. But yes, the monsters are being nerfed to high hell and the hunters are being buffed to god-like capabilities. People bitch when they have to put in the slightest bit effort into something so it doesn’t surprise me this thread exists because personally Goliath is probably the MOST well balanced monster in my opinion. Wraith can turn the tides of war to her liking whenever, Kraken is an overall force to be reckoned with and Behemoth to me is just a potato in the oven waiting to be baked by literally any hunter.


Naw it got reported for being whiny as shit. We get that Goliath doesn’t need nerfing. Your post was whiny OP’s post is whiny. Also caps lock makes you look bad.


Yeah, Goliath is perfect how he is. He has to get up in the action - this is where the Assault comes in. I’ve beaten plenty of Goliaths and he is my main Monster. He’s also the most fun to play as/play against. The game actually feels like a hunt.

This. When you lost to a Wraith or Kraken you can claim that they used their decoy or Kraken is broken, but when you lose to a Goliath at least you lost fair and square.


You know i was about to type some crazy thing but now im just gonna say no.jpg


Hang on let me get a phone real quick.

Calling @Quirkly to put his foot down.


I almost broke my screen when I threw my phone on the floor.


Ay yo @Quirkly, We got another one


Goliath is, by all accounts, the poster child. He was the original monster, Scorpid 2.0. :smile: whenever they balance any Hunters, the Devs have stated they test them against Goliath the most, because his balance is more refined than any of the other monsters. He’s been around the longest, and balanced the most. He takes a great amount of skill to play as, and being in the Hunters face has a tole. He’s a larger target than Wraith and Kraken, and much easier to hit. He’s not as much Tank as Behemoth, but his mobility makes up for it. He’s the bruiser, the brawler, if you get hit by a 3 point Rock Throw after a 3 point Leap Smash you will go down, but those moves are dodgeable, and shield able. I think Goliath is very well balanced, and the Devs will always be watching the balance. They have more pressing issues right now than Goliath, his win/loss ratio is pretty good right now.


This topic has the potential to get heated so lets all just…lets all just be cool in here.


@Quirkly pick up the phone, dangit. We wanna hear a professionals opinionininin-
hang on you’ve been summoned twice already, what am I doing here?




Markov doesn’t do damage to any monster, don’t compare 1 assault to this monster… It’s not the monster, it’s the assault that’s bad.

The Goliath is the weakest monster right now in my opinion, you simply need to learn how to counter him…

Honestly, I don’t see how you can actually think the Goliath is OP, it makes no sense…