Goliath's Tail


Am I the only one who constantly forgets he has one?

You don’t see it in his character select or in his over-the-shoulder view while running, so every now and then I see a full body shot and think “Oh crap, I forgot he had a tail, that’s awesome!”

Anyone else?


No, I’ve always noticed it in character select. It’s hidden often but it comes up at times.


Doesn’t kraken also have a tail?


All Monsters except Gorgon have tails.


That means behemoth has a stub tail lol


Yes, it’s very small :smile: Only about the length of his forearm, I think. You can see it when he’s climbing and when the camera zooms in after he finishes rolling, but it is very stubby, lol.

EDIT: You can also see it when he eats.


I also thought Goliaths tail should be incorporated into to his attacks. He most likely would use it for balance so it would have some strong muscles. It could be his behind him attack.


You seen Meteor Golis tail? Looks deformed asf. :grin:


Magma Goliath’s tail is best tail.


It’d be an interesting idea, but I’m not sure it would be realistically practical. Goliath would need to steady himself, almost to the point of standing still if he is moving, before using his tail to attack - and it’d be pretty telegraphed, too.

However, from a gameplay standpoint it’d be somewhat useful against Assaults like Lennox or other characters that need to attack up close. It would effectively give Goliath a 360 degree melee radius, which is fitting considering that he is the brawler and must get close. My only gripe is that Goliath’s current behind attack lets him carry some momentum into the opposite direction - with a tail attack, he wouldn’t be able to do that at all without falling over.

I was about to go off on a Behemoth-balance tangent but I think I’ll save that for another time…


I have a Goliath action figure and my son takes of his tail all the time.


Mate, your son will become an excellent trapper


They make evolve action figures? O.o


Not really action figure but this guy I got from the awesomeness that is TRS when I visited their location.

The tail isn’t secured by anything and I’m too lazy to glue it just now.


That edit though.

I would really like some more tail action from Goliath. It’s so under used in my opinion.


I forget a lot that’s for sure


wraith has 3 tails sort of. gorgon has none. goliath has one . kraken has 1. and behemoth hs a stuby tail


Wraith doesn’t either. She has tendril legs.


Naw, I count that third tendril coming out right between her cheeks as a tail. It comes out of where the tail bone would be on a human being, and Wraith does have an eerily humanesque body.


Wraith doesn’t have three tails. O.o

She has two legs that break off into tentacles.