Goliath's Leap... Or possibly a Hop?


Am I doing something wrong here?
Goliath’s leap is sometimes blocked by an invisible ceiling causing a small hop.
Also, the leap isn’t far at all…
Holding the the Jump button doesn’t always give you the distant you desire.


You need to look towards the horizon you want to leap towards to make it a long jump. It’s aimed with your reticle. If you look towards the ground, you won’t go very far at all, so try looking up to make it arc. Experiment in a bot match to test its functionality!


There is an “invisible ceiling” in the game to prevent Kracken, and even wraith from getting too high…but as Goliath you should only be hitting this in certain areas of maps that are the ‘high elevation’ for that map. I don’t know the exact spots/distances.

As for the not always giving the distance, it is usually good for me, but I’ll pay attention tonight.