Goliath's Charge Needs a Buff, Badly


It’s literally the worst monster ability in the game. It doesn’t do enough damage/have enough utility to justify not being able to hit jet packing hunters.

edit: There’s going to be posts saying, “But my bro runs charge all the time and does well.” Of course its fine for pubs, but for competitive matches it sucks.


It really does need a buff, I end up just giving it 1 point at S1 just for escape. Otherwise it’s completely useless aside for combo potential/jetpack waster.


I dunno.

The tumble is useful enough.

But outside of that, you can put three points in any of his other abilities without investing in charge and he’d perform fine.


Yup. Still is basically useless unless used point blank. I would totally take lower damage if it mean higher radius, lower cooldown, and/or faster traversal


i love charge, my goliath build at stage 3 is normally 3R/1LS/2FB/3C. Charge is great for travel, damage, and knockback to get hunters out of the way or easily combo’d. its a slept on ability. people think oh it does no damage better put 1 or 0 points into it. well course its not doing damage lol put 3 points in and thats like half a hunter health bar. its better than you guys give it credit. maybe i like it more because i run DI as a perk but still


I really do agree!.. you should put a poll so that TRS can see what percent of the people who saw agree as well.


Oh really? Ever used the leap smash into the undodgeable pounce combo then directly into a charge? Is usually an instant down if jet pack doesn’t boost quick enough and if you’ve done it right upon pressing the charge button, that un-pounced hunter will be at your feet, getting hit by a move such as that within such a combo.


i can’t agree more, it sucks! Why use it? Maybe to run away but it doesn’t last long, just for mastery


Are there really people who think charge sucks o.O?

There NO reason to never have charge. Every build should have at least one point in charge. Hit a hunter with a heavy attack, then slam them with charge- which if you’re close enough to land a heavy, is NOT going to miss if you’re even partially accurate- and you’ve just waylaid into a hunter for basically direct rock throw damage.

Ask @deanimate, probably one of the only real remaining competitive Goliath main players still constantly competing with Goliath how often he never has charge.

Want to talk worst abilities? Let’s talk about behemoth for a moment.

Now I’m not saying charge is the BEST OMG max 3 point always ability. Probably just 1 point for most builds. But the worst?!! Hardly. It has so much utility an damage. It should be a staple ability for any and every Goliath that’s playing seriously.

But. Hey. New charge is coming out in 9.0. That’s even better. Woo


Where them patch notes at lol ? you can’t just message someone that and go offline :D, because I’d clicked the white link at the very top and it’s still the old post i saw a couple of days ago.


There are two main problems with charge:

  • It’s slow and unless used point-blank easy to dodge
  • It stops at the tiniest bump on the ground.

To address the first problem, charge could be 50-100% faster and it’s duration could be shortened, so that it doesn’t become too fast as an extra traversal, but is still easier to hit.

For the second problem I thought, why not let Goliath charge down a rock or cliff? Kind of like Behemoth’s roll, it just keeps going. It happens too often, that a hunter is just 2 meters in front of me, but I still can’t use charge because I’m standing on a little stone. That’s why 3 points in charge at stage three is most of the time wasted against a good team that keeps climbing up/down cliffs and running around obstacles. It’s too rare that you are on flat ground and on the same level as the hunters.


Charge doesn’t need buff

Charge is the easiest to land … the hardest to dodge because it’s fast

Don’t use it when the target is like 15 meters away … use it when he is very close

Not. Because most players use 1 point in Charge … doesn’t mean it’s less powerful

You can use it in combo (after pounce ) - 100% hit -

What I like about charge … you can cancel it

As traversal to get closer to target

What is tough about that you can’t control charge after deployment because it’s fast

The only thing I hate about charge : is maybe the sensitivity is really low … it’s hard to turn right or left


1 in charge =/ 3 in charge. It’s smart to take one point, but competitive players never go 3 points in charge. It’s too risky.


Some abilities have less use with more than 1 point in them than others, that’s just play style choices ultimately. This doesn’t make them weak, just conventionally unnecessary to upgrade


The incoming cooldown reduction at lvl 2 might make it worth more than 1 point.


Currently more than 1 point in charge is very hard to justify but with the new patch I can absolutely see myself putting 2 points into it simply for the cooldown. 3? No way but they’ve got it up from 1 point to 2 so maybe in the future 3 points might be viable.


I think 3 points in charge will be for those goliaths that want to max out their movement. Question will be if the other abilities can do enough to fight at the same time, but in my limited opinion of what we are hearing I think it is going to be down to the easy a player wants to approach the game. Most probably won’t want 3, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful, just perhaps not conventional!


You get far more from the other abilities at lvl3. The majority of people will see this. I genuinely want to think “3 in charge or leap…man that’s a tough one”. In the new patch you can absolutely justify 2 points but 3 takes away too much from the others.


I just want a quality of life tweak. Make the charge to not stop if you slightly touch a tree… in fusion plant in the forest is damn frustrating that the charge stops almost instantly when you charge a hunter who is near a tree and you start charge beside the tree but it stops immediately…