Goliath vs... The Jackal!


One fucking complaint and no fucking thanks. That’s a trapper in pub in a nutshell.

Is Jack UP?

that is some really bad jack play,i hope you added him to ignore list.



funny… but the dude probably didn´t want to go stage 2 anyway :slight_smile:


I think the monster wasn’t great but you did a good job as jack during the fights which a lot of people get wrong.

I didn’t understand the first sentance, I mean what’s it got to do with this game?


One of hunters complaint I didn’t use PS soon enough. And at the end there wasn’t any gg.


Oh yeah, now I see it when I gave it another look :smiley:

Don’t mind them dude, they are stupid, the planet scaner in the beggining is stupid imo. I would have advised the whole team to cut straight like you did and use the PS even later than you did. When I see people use it at the start as maggie and start running behind the tracks I just wanna leave the game because you know they aren’t gonna catch shit like that unless the monster is bad. I would only advise you to use your pings more when tracking, especially in pubs. For instance before the first dome, when you cut him off and the rest were trailing him - spamming ping lets them know he is there on you if they aren’t retarded :smiley: