Goliath vs Sunny + Jack


So I prefer to play hunter in quick play but every now and again it’s my turn to play monster. Okay, I choose Meteor Goliath. I get in the game I find: Sunny, Jack, an active healer like Val, and some assault. Fine. In the past as monster i have had so many assaults dive in between my rock throws and my true target i have decided to abandon this ability all together. My build: two charge, one leap, one flame. I get domed stage one which is common enough, no complaints there. My problem comes in when trying to kill anybody! If I try to kill medic Sunny is just too strong with shields and jet packs so medics out of the question for me, trapper is even stronger because he gets full support from sunny and medic. So I decide to target sunny through process of elimination.

My strategy: immediately use half my flame breath to destroy the shield drone and the other half on sunny herself. Next I close the distance quick with a traversal, I’m in her face now. Charge point blank, hits. Sunny gets space while medic heals her, leap smash is blocked by jack. New shield drone is in play, again half my flame breath on drone half on sunny. This pattern continues with a negative feed back loop, Sunnys health drops at a snails pace. If I miss just one of my charge abilities, my progress is reset.

My leap smash, the further a way I am from sunny the more easily it is to dodge and more likely it is to get blocked my jack. Sometimes I land them just not reliably, I don’t think this ability was meant to be used point blank nor is it very effective this way. I want help here.

I have watched the YouTube channel Evolve Some Pie where the player who mains Goliath consistently struggles to fight sunny and hates doing so. If I were to find a strategy to counter her I’d expect to find it there but no. He uses a brute force method which requires a consistent landing of his abilities, mind you he’s fighting a coordinated team while I’m in quick play!

Time to evolve, I’ve been domed once or twice depending on their persistence and no strikes from here. I believe this is where I can change the tide of battle, that I can do something! But still I refuse rock throw because of my history with assaults. I don’t know what to do from here. What points do I invest in? Sunny is a bottle of frustration to deal with on her own regardless of hunter composition! If I fight in a wide open area sunny can put her shield drone anywhere without worrying weather or not if its in a good position, if I fight in an area with lots of cliffs I need to play that up down game hunters do and i don’t have rock throw. :frowning: i don’t know what to do with her! help!


they have stated that sunny will get changed i am not sure about jack i feel he is fine atm


Sunny is nauseating to fight against as Goliath or Wraith, the only advise I can really offer is to kill her drone immediately and stick on her like glue to cleave down the other ones as she throws them down, they die real fast before they get their own shield up. If you get lucky she might throw it down in a bad spot where you can smash the medic out of LoS for a quick down but don’t count on that.


I’m a Veteran player who mains Goliath, with around 400 hours of experience and this is my tactic as well.

My first tip will be: GET ROCK THROW!!! It’s your hardest hitting ability and you will need it to finish them off or for ranged attacks. Yes, assaults sometimes block them, but you charge/leap smash sunny into a corner/wall, and then you finish off that little ***** with a rock to the face.

If I see I’m up against Sunny, it doesn’t matter who the other 3 are, you focus 200% on Sunny and I mean FOCUS. You do not give her a single inch of room and unload EVERYTHING you have at her(and her drones if she pops them). If you are in her face and she drops a drone, use Charge, it one shots a drone, and pushes her away from the rest of the hunters, follow up by a leap smash to push her even further away/do damage and then finish off with a rock throw to the face. If you land all these attacks she should be dead or very very closely, by now you can use a heavy attack or fire breath to finish her off. If she can escape, you do it all over again. But do not disengage from Sunny or you are f*cked.

Also try to ambush the hunters(Sunny especially). Don’t give them time to set up, if you can surprise them, you can get a quick down! If they are chasing and putting pressure, don’t be afraid to just do a 180 and attack the first hunter you see if he’s a little separated. Mostly Sunny will boost a certain hunter in the chase, the downside of this -> he will be isolated from the rest of the hunters because he get’s boosted ahead of the rest. The exception is when it’s an assault. The shield will take to long to kill…

Hope this helps a little :slight_smile: But yeah, Sunny’s a B*tch and totally ruins my Mojo.


no other hunter needs to be targeted as hard as her, a clue shes unbalanced?


Your main issue is utility. You need to incorporate all four skills to be effective against everyone. Rock Throw will be excellent for when Sunny tries to fly away, or when Jack is trying to block you. As for the shield drone… Try to get someone between you and the drone; then use Flame Breath with more than one point if possible. You’ll damage both hunter and kill the drone.


That is your first mistake. Let that assault get hit, because sooner or later you’re gonna catch that same assault off guard and he won’t be ready to take the next hit. Plus as Jack tries to repulse you, that Rock Throw to his face is so satisfying and also frees you. [quote=“CoffeeBreaksAllDay, post:1, topic:91555”]
I get domed stage one which is common enough, no complaints there. My problem comes in when trying to kill anybody! If I try to kill medic Sunny is just too strong with shields and jet packs so medics out of the question for me, trapper is even stronger because he gets full support from sunny and medic

Remember the basis of the game is; Stage 1 = Hunters have the Advantage Stage 2 = Fair Fight Stage 3 = Annihilate them. Sunny is a bit annoying, but at stage 1 it’s best to dodge and mitigate damage, or if an opportunity arises, try to get a single hunter down.

That is the key to that team’s weakness. Remember; A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Take out Sunny, the others fall like dominoes. Just do it at stage 2 or later lol

It’s used for both point blank and far. It’s just up to the user to utilize it through practice to unlock it’s potential. The grind is real my friend, but once you’re finished, your blade with cut through the stone of the earth with ease.

Well with Goliath it’s ALL about brute force; it’s how Goliath fights. But how you use that brute force is what could mean the difference between victory and defeat. I haven’t played Rank yet due to the game being in Beta which means it has bugs, but before this whole update, when monsters were always UP in comparison to the hunters, I versed competitive teams and won and Goliath was, and still is, my main. In quick play I versed a team that thought they were tough shit because of their rank in ranked (2 were gold and others were silver+ I think) and they used the Sunny/Jack combo against me. They were also founders like me (I have almost 1500 hours holy crap lol), so I knew I was in for a challenge; or should I say thought? I got domed at stage 1, and got a strike when they were about 2 bars of armor from attackin my health. It was pretty easy to do so, but that was because I found their cocky trapper a little too ahead of the group.

As I saw the rest of them come into the dome, I took out their medic and got another strike, the dome fell and I took off losing about a bar of health while taking down the Medic.

Then I got to stage 2. I which lead to an even easier fight (no duh amiright?) got 2 of them down, and they almost broke my armor again so naturallyI left.

So I get to stage 3, and decide to let them use their combo without countering it. Oh man did their performance improve. They got me down to 4 bars of health and when they did, they domed me. Big Mistake. With only 4 bars of health, and no armor, I just took down the Sunny and they all fell like a house of cards. One by one they fell to my claws. And after the match they said, ‘You’re not good.’ Then I said, ‘If I’m not good, then you must be shit since you lost.’ The moral of the story is, I know you can overcome it. Sunny is annoying, but I know you can beat it.


Harpoons hurt Goliath more when sunny is there, Jack is not as bad as a harpoon. So really be looking at the harpoons.